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Can't download Horizon Worlds

Rift SAs far as I can tell I meet all the age and location requirements for playing Horizon Worlds but it just shows the greyed-out "Coming Soon" button on its page in the Oculus store, both in the app and when I log in through my browser. From readi...

Oculus Rewards!

Hi, My name is jeshua. I am working on a oculus rift rewards program where you try 3d experiences and earn points and redeem for paypal!I Need Beta Testers! lolWithdraws are disabled until released.My Discord is: Lumpyboss#0906If you have any ideas p...

Oculus Rift S not connecting / not detected

I've received my new Oculus Rift S two days ago and the only thing that I've got is disappointment.The setup program does not detect the headset. I plug the USB 3.0 connection and nothing happens. No error or message appears in the Windows device man...

reivaxrm by Level 2
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Where do i get my rift repaired?

Recently my oculus started having random black screens. Most of the time the screen would come back on, sometimes i had to reset my rift. Now? It's just stopped working entirely, i can hear the sounds in it but the screen is pitch black. Do i take it...

Three dots error (Rift S)

After 2 weeks of not using my Rift S and it being in a safe and secure environment, it has stopped working and now only shows 3 flashing dots.I have tried many suggestions- Reinstalling the app- Reverting the oculus app to a previous version- Trying ...

cable Oculus Rift S optics

Hello, I'm not going to criticize the fact that the official oculus/meta website no longer sell accessories for their most powerful headset of the brand... but can you at least tell me where to buy a new cable Oculus Rift S optics, because mine is st...

Resolved! Rift S Crashing and I've Tried Everything

PC Parts Below and Methods I TriedI've had my Rift S ever since it first came out and so I preordered it off of Amazon. Once when I got it I had so many issues with the software where it just crashed every single time I opened it and I was so close t...

Oculus Rift HDMI not detected.

Probably one of the most frequent issues that appear in the forums when referring to the Rift CV1 Headset . . . there is not an HDMI connection or the Oculus App fails to recognize the HDMI cable is connected. This is most likely a unique case. Recen...

Rift V1 touch controller

Where can i get replacement for my rift V1?the index finger positioning for the right hand controller is not working. Who is the authorised reseller in India? It’s frustrating when you in one of the biggest market without legacy support. GG oculus!

Rift S Black Screen and orange light

Hi,I am having a problem with my Rift S in which it will black screen randomly, make a high-pitched beeping noise, and then I hear a static noise. My headset was working perfectly fine for 4 days, and now I can barely play games for more than 5 minut...

ecki386 by Level 3
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Resolved! Oculus crash PC when launch

In short, the problem is that after starting the Oculus app, my PC crashes, freezes, and sometimes blues the screen with the error clock_watchdog_timeout, no matter if I click on the thumbnail or activate the sensor in the headset. My guess is that i...

Switch Rift to Quest 2?

I've been using a Rift CV1 for a long time now, and recently got a new laptop to run it on.The new laptop I got is the MSI Gaming Katana GF66 11UC-011NL, which has a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050, and a Intel (R) UHD card and they are BOTH unsupported. I d...

Rift S with Alienware M15 R6

Hi everyone, Looking for a little advice/guidance. I have recently purchased the M15 R6 with RTX 3070 and have tried to connect my Rift S to it. It has a Thunderbolt 4 port which according to the specs that I read, is to be used as a DP, which can be...

Screenshot 2021-10-09 183207.png Screenshot 2021-10-09 182408.png
Dinx_ by Level 2
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Oculus Rift CV1 video cards supported in 2022

Hi all!I am finaly planning tp upgrade my computer or should i say, afetr 12 years of upgrading, to simply get a whole new one built, so aiming either a GTX 3080 series or 3090, as for now since i had my Rift, i was on a 1070 8gb.My question is, sinc...

Doum76 by Level 5
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Constant Play Area Not Found.

Hi all. Is there a way to disable tracking on the Rift S? I’m totally fed up with constant play area not found messages across a very large number of VR headsets. Makes no difference what way we light the room. We only need 3DOF. When no play area is...

Resolved! Oculus Rift Black screen

Just received a new Alienware m15 r5 with Ryzen 9500HX and RTX 3070 and Can't seem to properly connect the oculus. The oculus headset just goes blank when during setup at the stage to continue configuration on headset. Couple of troubleshooting I've ...

mloutfie by Level 3
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Replacement nose piece for Rift S

I can't seem to find where I can buy a replacement nose piece. My cat's got a hold of my Rift S and decided to eat much of the nose piece, so it no longer fits properly. So I went online and checked the Rift store as well as Amazon, and I can't seem ...

nose pad

Does anyone know where I can get the plastic pad that goes in the center of the glasses for the nose? I've lost them and I don't know where to buy them.