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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

3th sensor connectivity

hi all comunity members,i have an oculus rift with a 3th sensor and it used to work fine but now it doesnt connect anymore.i've already tried to open the driver but that doesnt help either. does anyone know what to do with this?thank you

PC Software Build 15.0 Release Notes

Update 4/2/2020: Good news! I've heard from the team that v15 is now available to all users! Thanks again for your continued patience, and please reach out to Oculus Support if you experience any issues downloading or using this new software update. ...

Issues in every game

In every Game like VrChat ,Pavlov or zero caliber im constantly walking backwards i cant play like that.I reinstalled the driver and even reseted my pc any help?

Best Rotary Laser Levels by Dewalt

Best Rotary Laser Levels by DewaltA rotary laser level is a tool that is a must-have for every construction worker, contractor, or DIY user. But it could be challenging to buy one of the best. The Best Rotary Lasers that are perfect for getting the j...

The passthrough does not remain active

Dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento non riesco più a salvare il passthrough automatico. Quando inizio una nuova sessione, devo sempre accedere alle impostazioni e attivarlo manualmente. Ho anche provato a rimuovere totalmente il software Oculus pulendo il re...

What is the best adaptor for Oculus Rift S

Recently got my Oculus Rift S and enjoying it. However, my GPU only has 1 Display Port which I need for my monitor in supporting G-Sync. Therefore, I have this issue where whenever I want to put the Rift on I'm having to:- Unplug Display Port to moni...

Robo recall

Can anyone help me or direct me to solving why my robo recall on the rift S won’t start? I tried uninstalling it so many time’s today. There is so little offered with the software to troubleshoot. I was getting firewall notification earlier today but...

films 6k non lu

Salut a tous, amis de tout pays, le reponse est peut etre ailleur;)J’arrive a lire tout les videos en 180/360 sur mon rift s mais impossible de lire la 6k, faut t’il un lecteur special ou bien des codecs.En sachant que j’arrive a ouvrir la video sur ...

grdmiam by Level 2
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Rift S and Rift Build 12.0 Release Notes

Update 1/6/2020: We've seen some positive results from the latest PTC update we pushed out late last week so we're now starting to roll that out to the live, non-PTC channel as well. As always, if you experience issues, please utilize the Help Center...

Left Touch Controller "Stuck In Space"

I just received my Oculus Rift, and the only problem I have is that after going through the setup (setting up the guardian and play area), my left touch controller isn't moving my virtual hand. My Left virtual hand is stuck in space and can "rotate" ...

Crashing, losing audio and sticking.

Hi, I've had these issues since I got the Rift S and tried all the fixes I could find online to no avail, i.e. uninstall/reinstall all oculus software in safe mode, set USB power management options, removed fitting on the back of the rift s to make s...

Cable 15 m oculus rift S work !

Bonjour,je n’est pas l’habitude de poster sur les forums, mais bon étant donné que j’ai cherché pas mal de temps une façon de jouer dans n’importe qu’elle pièce de la maison. Alors voici ma solution qui fonctionne parfaitement, après une aprem de jeu...

seating position

when i do i racing when i get in the car i am not sitting in the right position i have a button to centre myself but when racing if i have any drop outs i end up in the wrong position again. is there a way to set the right seating position when i get...

Why are we only able to buy a left controller?

I have had my rift now for close to 4 years, I had pre-ordered it mainly to play racing games and just recently decided to purchase the touch controllers.Only to find in the Oculus Store you can only buy a left controller?What about the right one? Do...

Spodean by Level 2
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What is an "Alternate Graphics Card"?

So I'm looking to buy an oculus rift S and I was looking at the minimum/required specs and for the graphics card, I saw that there is an alternate graphics card and just graphics card. I have the recommended alternate graphics card but I wasn't sure ...

Rift S Guardian Wall Always Visible [Solved]

I got my Rift S a week ago and it worked just fine. Untill now the guardian wall became visible when i was about 15cm close to touching it. Today, after I sat down on my floor and watched a youtube video with my Rift S in virtual desktop mode i wante...

Scyth3s by Level 2
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Rift has a dark tint?

I decided to turn on and play my rift, only to find everything has gotten very dark, almost as if a tint as come over it. I've tried unplugging it, checking for issues, updated drives, however nothing seems to work. The only thing I could possibly se...