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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Compatibility with my laptop

So im really excited because I want to buy an Oculus product and for me it shall be the rift s but I only have a laptop and no Displayport or miniDisplayport adapter if I buy an usb 3.0 adapter for it will it work need help! Thanks 

Green static problem.

I have the original cv1 rift I got my first one christmas 2019 and after like 2 months the screen started going static green then the screen died "ok? that was weird ill just return it and get it fixed" 'a long time later' 'vr shows up' "wow i can't ...

Sweat on Rift S Halo

Pretty sure this must’ve been brought up somewhere but I’m wondering what the solution is for keeping the halo padding clean without investing in some sort of steam vacuum thing that may or may not actually work - besides, investing in that just to m...

Minecraft VR

Hi, who knows the solution to the problem? I installed the game minecraft VR bought in the oculus store. I start the game but I can’t access it online, it says buy the game. I went into my account Xbox Live through which I played before, but now noth...

Rift S aviability in Spain

I see that the rifts s is not aviable in my county anywhere for purchase including your oficial store. Any news on when will we be able to purchase a Rift S in Spain taking into account the current situation?

Failed to start Oculus Rift software

I have an Oculus Rift. i have used it for about 3 months with out a single glitch.when i start the oculus software i get an error message: Cannot connect to Oculus service (it's in dutch "kan de oculus-service niet bereiken")i followed pretty much ev...

can't install onward

after multiple attempts to install several hours of download. Oculus app says it can't install onward. Plenty of disk space and disabled all firewalls and antivirus

Can't install Oculus software?

I'm new to these forums, so please excuse me. I've had my Rift S since Christmas 2019, and it worked fine up until the middle of January (if I remember correctly). All of a sudden it stopped being able to track my room, so I tried reinstalling the so...

v15 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Oculus LinkYou are now able to test your connection during Oculus Link setup. Clicking the Test Cable button will tell you whether or not your connection is compatible, what the available bandwidth is, and what the connection type is. You can access ...

High Performance Headroom but not 80 FPS

I use the Oculus rift S for racing simulators such as RF2 , AC, Raceroom or Automobilista.I noticed when running the debug performance tool that my performance headroom is stable to 100% however I don't get 80 FPS.My understanding is that my PC ( com...

Infamous Oculus Rift-s not recognized after restart

I purchased my Oculus rift-s last year when I heard that Alyx was going to be only for VR, I installed it for the 1st time two days ago, and the first time it recognized everything, it worked perfectly. after I restarted my PC, it will prompt no ocul...

GFX by Level 2
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I MUST have Facebook account now?

I used to visit other peoples homes in Oculus. Haven't done that in a while and tried to visit one of friends homes today. But i get a message i must log in with Facebook to use social features. Why? What's next? No multiplayer at all in any game wit...

ceiling mounted sensors

So I saw a couple of posts where people mounted the sensors on their ceiling and had great results. SO I bought the active extension cables and mounted them to my ceiling, and now I cant do anything! I have reinstalled the software 3 times and I cant...

Does my warranty cover this?

So, I bought my Rift S last year, and recently the left thumbstick has been going backward for no reason, I have tried looking online for help but I couldn't find anything. Does my warranty cover this? Even if I don't do anything for a second, it wil...

Nedak77 by Level 2
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RIFT S Stock

I was going to look the stock of the Rift S and it seemed to be avaible, I clicked on buy but then says that they're out of stock. Is this a stock problem or what's going on?

Lobetee by Level 2
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Velcro headstrap of Rift S issue

HiThe velcro headstrap of my Rift S, does not hold very good any longer. I was looking for a replacement and Oculus does sell the strap for 70 USD. This makes no sense for a very simple velcro tape. Way too expensive.Are there any alternatives that w...

Rahotep by Level 4
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Only head sticking out the ground

Well I have been waiting for half life Alyx to download and when it finished I put on the head set only to find I am in the floor only my head sticking out, I have reset the hole thing many times and rebooted my pc but nothing has fixed it. Does any ...

Oculus touch No HDMI detected.

hello, so I have been speaking to oculus support for well over a week now and we can't seem to get our head around it im not sure if anyone on here is able to help at all?! basically it say my HDMI isn't connected. I have tried doing a fresh install ...

Rift S Crackling/Mic-quality issues?

Since the past few weeks, my Rift S seems to have had issues with it's mic acting up or "robotting", as well as a weird crackling noise like static from the speakers which continues over to the 3.5 mm headphones port for any set of headphones I own. ...