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NO SOUND on RIFT? Replacement or can I fix?

Hi guys! my sons Rift (not rift s) stopped emitting sound. I double and triple checked cords, computer settings and all the usual. He may have damaged because a piece came off (put back together). Plays fine, everything works but sound. So it’s a hea...

rift s optical cable

Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to make a complaint regarding the Rift S replacement optical cable. I have been going back and forth with support since the 26/12/21 wanting to get a replacement optical cable. Started off havin...

Windows 11

My desktop screen in Oculus link is still flickering, any ideas how to fix it? Whenever I drag the arrow on the Oculus in the desktop it works but when I release the trigger button it turns black and I can't see, any ideas

Maiki17 by Level 3
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Rift S party audio

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how I can increase the volume of the oculus party without changing other volumes. Me and my friend are in a party via the oculus software and I am having problems hearing him, therefore i would like to only increase...

Resolved! How to watch youtube VR on Oculus Rift S ?

I would like to watch youtube VR on Oculus Rift SIs this possible? It used to be possible with the Deo VR app, but no longer.It used to be possible trough the Steam Youtube app, but that is no longer available.There used to be a workaround where you ...


since i installed the new update i seem to be holding the cluon the shaft instead of the grip which makes the club too short ...help

mickb55 by Level 2
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Audio lost after Game / FPS drop

Dear Oculus, and Oculus Friends, I have a Problem with my Oculus Rift S. My PC; NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TIAMD Ryzen 7 3800x32GB Ram Im Using my Headphones over the Cable Input direct over the Rift. After Playing a little bit the Game Lags and the FPS...

Oculus Quest 2 Black Screen

I recently bought an Alienware M15 R5 Ryzen Edition. 15.6 FHD 360hz.AM Ryzen 9 5900hx.16gb RAM1 TB SSDGeFore RTX 3070 8gbWindows 11 (also downgraded to windows 10) First of all i also have an alienware R4 and quest 2 works fine with both oculus link ...

Larania by Level 2
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Resolved! Screen goes black

Hey, I always had that one bug that one of my screens turned black as soon as I start the oculus app, But that never really botherd me because it only went black for like 1-2 sec. Still thought that this was odd. Well since yesterday I have one more ...

Yutix by Level 2
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Rift S forgets my play area

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue and what needs to be done to fix it. I've checked the forums but didn't see anything.Bought the Rift S yesterday. Setup was a breeze. The problem is that I have to keep doing it over and over and over... ...

Danure by Level 3
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Rift S Problem

I have a problem with my Rift S, so when I plug on the computer, they work fine, on a couple of minutes it will start giving problems, it disconnects all my USB on my PC, turning blackscreen and then I have to unplug and plug it the VR. Anyone know w...

V38 of PC Oculus Home

Anyone having this problem when using the Quest-2 over Link cable to connect to PC and use SteamVR?......I connect to the PC Oculus Home with no problems, I fire up SteamVR with no problems but depending on the VR experience I do in SteamVR, when I e...

Resolved! Rift CV1 black screen with 6900xt

I recently upgraded my 1080ti to a 6900xt for better 4k gaming. I'm not able to get my Rift working at all since then. I can get audio fine, but I'm only seeing a black screen, as if the lenses aren't even turned on. I use a TV as my display so I hav...

RikkiUW by Level 3
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Bluescreens with Oculus Rift

I use since yesterday a Oculus Rift and get when I start a game after 5-20 minutes a Bluescreen Crash (until now about 10 in total) of my computer with the code: DPC Watchdog Violation In VRChat I get as well first a standing screen or black screen w...

Cant install some games using Oculus plataform

Hi everybody Please, i need help with a bug with my Oculus software... I'm trying to download some games but some of them just doenst work, the downlaod stop "Was not possible to install ...." I have C: free space and the other drive (D:) has space t...


So i play on the Rift s pretty often and i have a normal laptop. But my mini Display Port took a absolute **bleep** on me ... Cannot find one anywhere . RIP , Unless someone has one willing to pay just sad man . Oh yea no support or anything for the ...

Rift S Not working right

I’ve been having a problem where my Rift s keeps loosing tracking and control, then black screening, then I can see again but can’t hear or say anything then repeats the first step over and over.I don’t know what the problem is since it worked perfec...

Tohrue by Level 2
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Gorilla tag not downloading

My gorilla tag isn't downloading after I had to delete it for a update I play with all of my friends on there and I don't have a pc or computer so I have no idea what to do (◞‸◟ㆀ)

What Happened!

When I try to start my Oculus Rift up, which worked fine yesterday, I get shoved to a site of "Meta Quest/ Oculus" and it appears to only support the Quest2? I can't use my headset at all?

Niveda gtx 1050 not being compatible

I have the card listed above as gpu 0 and AMD readon Vega 8 mobile gfx as gpu 1 (11 go vram tottal) and 8gb of ram. Gpu 1 stays at 0% or uses 0.1 of its 5gbs all the time even when I’m playing games gpu 0 when I’m playing jc4 minimum setting and almo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Cable broken, what now?

Hi, i have a Rift 5 years old and cable has a break just behind the headset and i have now clue what to do.Headset is in perfect condition and im still happy with it and lets be honost, i dont want to spend 1000+ € for a new one (no i dont want the q...

I'm getting ERROR - Multiplayer Session timed out

I just used my headset for the first time in a while and in My Loft it will reload the Loft randomly and give me the error ERROR - Multiplayer Session Timed Out. It is also a little glitchy graphic wise. Not sure what is going on. Hopefully someone h...

Dash3r by Level 2
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How to disable/remove guardian?

I use my Rift S for simracing, but sometimes the guardian pops up and I need to reset the floor, sometimes even in the middle of a race, this is very annoying, I then need to put the batteries back in the controllers and set the floor, effectively ru...

HSken by Level 3
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Laptops supporting Oculus Rift S (2022 in India)

I have a query regarding the laptops supporting Oculus Rift S. I understand that there is a list of laptops mentioned here https://www.oculus.com/rift-s/oculus-ready-pcs/#pc-offers regarding the same.But I'm from India, and most of the laptops listed...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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