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CV1 Cable Pinout for repair

Hello everyone, I am working on rebuilding an Oculus CV1 cable without using the Spectra7 Microchip embedded in the headset end. This would be a full thickness HDMI paired with a full thickness USB 3.0 cable soldered into the CV1 heaset connector mal...

Crashes during use and had to rebuild PC

OK I have a new Rift S. It worked great for about a month. Then one day out of no where while I was playing Poker Stars VR it hung and crashed. After a reboot I tried again and it did it again and then hosed my computer to the point I couldn't boot i...

azav8or by Level 2
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What a nightmare

I've not launched my headset out of the window just yet, only my hard earned cash has stopped me from doing so, my patience has finally run out on the Oculus Rift S and is going on eBay in the morning.I've had my VR since Christmas and have had nothi...

SL0PPY by Level 3
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Completely out of depth!

Hi all, so my son is autistic and I purchased an oculus rift dk1 from ebay as it was all I could afford. I was told it would work for roblox, which is all he plays. When I downloaded the software from the oculus site it doesnt recognise any gear atta...

Rift S controller issues

My right controller shows the analog being pressed to the top left corner so naturally my games constantly spin. You could imagine after spending 400 on a VR, over 200 on new VR only games, and over 2500 on my PC you could see my frustration. Anyone ...

Can't connect my cv1, HDMI WRONG?

Specs off the bat:GTX 1060NVidia driver 445.87W10 with all most recent updatesSorry for my English.Well, first of all I want to comment that I have seen other discussions with the same specifications and I see that they have similar problems to mine....

Oculus Rift S back in stock when?

When will Rift S go back in stock? Do websites tend to restock on specific dates? I'm trying to order mine off Microsoft for the discount and I don't know if I should be spam refreshing the page or I should wait for a specific time

Character Moviment

Hola amigos.Tengo una pregunta importante:Al jugar, ¿se moverá el personaje de un lado a otro con mi movimiento? o con los controles que trae Oculus?Como mirar hacia arriba, hacia abajo y hacia los lados.

Problem with connecting to USB 3.0 port

Hello. Thereare problems connecting the Oculus Rift S helmet to the same computer. Whenconnecting to the USB 3.0 port, the program writes that the helmet is connectedto an incompatible port. Thecomputer configuration is as follows: AsusROG Rampage IV...

Resolved! Acer AN515-54 Laptop VR Ready?

Is the Acer AN515-54 laptop able to connect to VR headsets specifically Oculus Rift S or the HTC Vive? The laptop has an I5-8300H CPU, 8 GB RAM, and has an Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 1650 GPU but it does not have a display port that the Rift S needs to conne...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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“Can’t Reach Oculus Service”

So, I had just got delivered my new Oculus Rift S from the Oculus Website. I downloaded the Oculus App off the Oculus Website and it started to download. When I had the headset plugged in, the Computer screen glitched out. I unplugged it and continue...

Link doesn't recognizes my USB 3.0 port

I was just playing a game with the link while suddenly it disconnected and now it doesn't recognizes all of my usb 3.0 ports. I have the latest drivers for everything and it's really frusterated. I've just build a new pc so I could use Link.

Hex2906 by Level 2
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My right touch controller stopped working (CV1).

I got a CV1 used on eBay to use a while waiting for the Rift S to be in stock again.The right controller appears to be dead now. I've changed the battery from Kodak to Duracell. I've put the working battery from the left one in the right, still nothi...

Playy_ by Level 3
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Black Screen on turn my head

Hello, allow me to contact you, I have a problem with the oculus when I play and turn my head the screen takes time to load with an hourglass at the bottom right of the oculus. This problem comes from HDMI you think? because on the screen of my pc th...

Virtual Garage?

With the only sport on TV being iRacing Virtual Sports I'm fairly certain the popularity of VR in iRacing as correspondingly increased as well. I would love an add-on or feature where instead of the Virtual Home, you can design a Virtual Garage, or R...

Playing Steam games on oculus rift s

Can somebody please tell me how to set up my Oculus account to where I can play Steam games. I am using an Oculus Rift S. I have a steam account and I have been able to play a couple games on it. The majority of the time I have problems with either t...

headset keeps connecting

My headset keeps connecting while i don't use it.Normaly there is a yellow light in the headset (between the glasses), when it's not connected.Now there's no light and the headset is active, while not wearing it.Any body got an answer?

runnner by Level 2
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Rift S on Aero XA Laptop / USB Type C

Hi, i‘m considering to buy an Aero XA (Maxq 2070) Laptop. 2019/I7 9750. Oled. It supports DP 1.4 over USB Type C but it has no dedicated DP. I read a lot discussions whether such scenario would work but could not find a clear statement.Therefore aski...

matisch by Level 2
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Oculus Rift S audio will not function.

Will not work unless at a few specific circumstancesNear perfect 90 degree angle close to headphone jackPushing the audio chord inwards, fully inwards, must be pressure applied to it at all timesSame with different pair of headphones