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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Oculus CV1 Yellow light

The latest driver update has completely bricked my headset, it refuses to acknowledge its plugged in, countless restarts later and it still doesnt work. And this isnt just me, my friend who i was getting on to play with is having the same exact probl...

Using as animation recorder

Hey guys I have never used this product before but this is something one of my class mates was talking about using for our animations. I was wondering if anybody has any good recommendations on youtube videos or feedback on setting things up and usin...

first impressions of my new rift s

Previously, the only experience i had with vr was the samsung gear vr. It was kind of cool, but i didnt like that i had to take my cell phone out of its case and stick it inside the gear. Because of this, i never really gave vr much of a chance. Rece...

Disable Oculus Rift S Tracking

Hi there,we have a setup, where we use the Oculus Rift S as a plain binocular display without any tracking. Because the Oculus Rift S is installed in a fixed casing, all the sensors are covered. This caused some warnings like "Your device can't track...

Left controller wont work

Hello,i bought my Oculus Rift S a few months ago. I couldnt manage to get the left controller to work yet. When i play with it it works for maybe 2min, then its lagging for 2secs and then it works for 10secs and then its repeating.

Help my rift dont work

Hi , I recently bought the rift S as I already had the older rift and I liked it.But when my S arrived a few days ago it had a kink in the wire, and the oculus app cant find my headset.I contacted support about this every day now up to today, and the...

xPEDx by Level 2
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Bad Experience So Far

I bought my son an Oculus Rift S for Christmas and it is yet to work. The unit itself comes with practically no documentation, expecting everything to just magically work when you download the Oculus app. Once I did this, I am stuck at the Incompatib...

Rift S save guardian manually

Hello community,Is there any way to save the current guardian settings? Sometimes my guardian setup is getting lost, without changing anything in my playroom. The problem here is, that when recording mixed reality, it's really frustrating to setup ev...

andyb66 by Level 2
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Only had my Rift S for a week, and am a low power user, my MSI Trident 3 is only just VR ready, so was not expecting the best of experiences - but must say I am pleasantly surprised to find the system very usable and fun.I have only one gripe, and th...

Umpa_PC by Level 8
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Should the Rift S behave like this?

First, my system:i7-4790KRTX 2080 TiHave had my Rift S for about a week and I'm not happy with the tracking. I'm not talking about the controllers, but the headset itself. The Rift S seems to have a problem transitioning from one direction to another...

Fred00 by Level 2
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Home items broken

So I have a bunch of custom home items, they were in my documents originally but after a reformat they aren't anymore, I can view the home items on a other pc but when I use my main pc most of them just show up as a red box now and it's really distur...

Computer problem help please

So Im running a rift s on a 2060 laptop and for the life of me I cant figure out why it sometimes struggles to run games, Sometimes it will run Boneworks silky smooth and other times it will be stuttering, drop frames and if you turn your head it won...

sensor height problems

I have a 2 sensor rift setup and have been operating with my sensors at desktop height for about a year now with no problems. Recently I tried to change my setup and mount my sensors higher up on a wall. I went through the complete setup process. But...

What to do about CV1 cable.

So as of now, my cable is pretty much fine and should last me another year or hopefully longer, but what will I be able to do once it decided to just stop working? Seeing as you cant buy them from the official Oculus store anymore, would I have to ju...

ports don't match

Hi i hope i'm asking this in the right area. just got my Rift s. i have a geforce rtx 2080. neither the display port nor the mini adapter fit into my graphics card. there are 2 ports on the card. the display port and what looks like the mini display ...


Does anyone else have tracking problems? I have an oculus rift. I've tried to unplugging and replugging headset, uninstalling oculus app and the games I wanted to play