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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Oculus rift S unstable crap hardware.

my biggest disappointment was when i bought a oculus rift S. never did i anticipate that this would become a paperweight. I have a very powerful rig with a 3080 card 64 gig of ram. headset running from a USD 3.2 high speed port.The oculus software ke...

usb port 3

my laptop is telling me to use usb port 3. Idont know crap about computers and dont know where usb port is or how to use it. can anyone help me?

Oculus Quest is rubbish

i have downloaded the stupid app which oculus force us to install and force me to give permit to location to install glasses? why the **bleep** needs to know my location to locate my glasses???? hate facebook, wont buy any other device from this comp...

oculus rifts にてホームが起動しない 部屋が生成されない


OculusScreenshot1625295492.jpeg OculusScreenshot1625295464.jpeg

Resolved! Help with oculus rift cv1

So i launch a game on my oculus rift which has been working for 2 years now and then about 30 seconds later it shuts off the screen turns off and the light goes orange then 5-10 seconds it boots back up and is increadbly studdery to the point of unus...

Lottoma by Level 2
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i have a oculus rift touch the first one and i recently moved house and before i moved i never changed the setup but now obiviouusly i had to take it with me and i tried to set it up but for some reason every game puts me facing backwards and i have ...

Resolved! delete rift s hardware

hello, i've sold my rift s and already deleted it from the windows app but how can i delete in my online account?will there be a problem if the one who bought it wants to add it to his/her account? greetings

DvrO by Level 2
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intermittent audio

When my son is playing his games the audio goes out. He needs to unplug from his computer and plug back in for the audio to work. Sometimes it does not come back at all....suggestions? Thanks

Laptop with only hdmi port

Hello from France so excuse my poor english.I want to buy a rift s but my laptop doesn't have a displayport port !So is there a solution to make it works on my laptop ?Thank you.

HCASOK by Level 3
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Last two updates caused working system to fail

I have once again installed the Oculus software update that holds me hostage to update or not be able to use my oculus rift. Reluctantly I installed the update tonight and the update has caused my video not to work again. The last update caused this ...

rift s not working

I got this at the start of the year but was unable to use it(pc was garbage) i then bought a new one rtx3060 etc top spec then I finally go to set it up but it doesn't detect either the usb or my display port don't even have any lights on the headset...

Dont buy a **bleep**ing oculus rift s

Istg it suck so bad so after 1 week after playing i get the black screen then this static noise comes up then my game crash and it do it every 10 seconds (not being sarcastic) i dont not recommended just buy the oculus CV1 (oculus rift) or the index ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift CV1 Replacement Cable

The cable for my Oculus Rift CV1 is bent and broken, causing the headset to go black frequently. This has happened multiple times, and I have gotten a replacement cable at least twice from Oculus Support. However, they now say that they are no longer...

Caden55 by Level 3
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こんにちは!!2日前にoculus rift購入し昨日プレイしたのですが音はなるのですがVRゴーグルが反映されず困っています。HDMIを挿しても接続されていませんと出ます。どうしたら直りますか??教えてください!!お願いします。

Problem with 360 View in Oculus Rift

So, I tried using my VR as I usually do, but when I conected the headset and put it on, I saw the Rift main menu, in a square and not in a 360 View, the rest was all black. After a few seconds, the screen starts flashing and then you can't see anythi...

Rift S 'Sensors can't track headset'

Hello everyone. I'm having an issue in my Rift S device set up. I just recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU from a B450/Ryzen 5 2600 to a B550/Ryzen 5600 and my Rift S won't work anymore... I have tried many troubleshooting such as -Reinstalling ...

Games not launching

Hi everyone, I recently bought an Oculus rift S and it was all working perfectly however certain games aren't launching or have stopped launching, these games are Trover saves the universe and Rick and morty's virtual rick-ality. Trover won't even la...

Esarhal by Level 2
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Intentional malfunction rift/rift s

I have noticed a lot, i mean a LOT of posts about rift or rift s crashing, or usb ports not working, or in some cases usb port malfunction causing all usb devices to reset/restart. Now i dont work for oculus so im not going to pretend that i am 100% ...

OVRService Launcher causing PC to crash

Although this is May 2021 I'm receiving the OVRService Launcher service error it causes the PC to crash and reboot. This happens at least once or twice a day. I'm using the Rift S which I've had for three years. Researching the web this has been happ...

gcompc by Level 3
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I have a problem!

Heдlo.I from Russia. I have a oculus rifts.Today i play vr, all were good. After sometime I take vr again and start the game from oculus. Then I have receive a notification (save sistem does not work correctly) and all my clicks on the controller wer...