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PC Software Build 27.0 Release Notes

Oculus Link Added a fix to reduce judder across multiple applications including Medium and Quill. Improvements to microphone reliability. Improved recovery flow for GeForce driver hangs on Pascal cards. For more information, visit https://support.ocu...

Rift S is dead ? Black screen

Hello ! I had some issues with my Rift S. I received it in january and stopped using it for a bit. (Last time 28 january).So, today I want to go into Elite : Dangerous and, suprise : Black screen.The rift display image for 30seconds then shut down fo...

sikozis by Level 2
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MSFS2020 Broken Again Good Job

Oculus update yesterday wrecked my MSFS2020 flight sim. Right after I fixed that infernal flashing last week, now this new update gets me right back to it. FLASH FLASH FLASH unusuable. My day off from work wanting to make a flight this morning, and n...

ghs22 by Level 3
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My oculus stuck on graphics card screen

i just spent the rest of my money on a rift and i installed the software on my pc and it said it was incompatible so i change over the graphics card and its just stuck on that screen (Graphics Card Not Supported). please could i have some help.

display port problem seems unfixable

I'm going to run through the last day of events. My rift s is on and detecting i'm there, yet the display port is not being detected, I have tried seemingly everything, but nothing has worked so far.List of things I have tried:1) unplugging the USB a...

q2 oculus link crashing

Ok so whats happening is that i have a q2 and the notification pops up when i connect my usb c to my pc and on the oculus software the oculus pops up also and i checked the cord and its running 2gbps which is enough and when i go to setting and click...

Oculus rift sensor not showing up

Hi, Yesterday i wanted to play a game on the Oculus Rift CV1. But 1 thing my second sensor doesn't work. So i wanted to fix it. So i tried everything. restart my pc, Reinstalling the Oculus software, Updated my graphics drivers, My USB drivers. But n...

GwnRick by Level 2
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Oculus Rift no Screen

Habe meinen PC (örtlich) umgestellt und seitdem habe ich kein Bild mehr auf der Rift, ich habe das Software Update durchgeführt, Oculus neu installiert, Foren durchsucht und alles versucht was da drin stand... Auch Oculus kennt die Brille, die Spiele...

Rift S not detected

Hello to whomever reads this hopefully you will be able to help me out. I am having issues connecting my Oculus Rift S to my computer. I have read through several online forums with not much luck, I have ensured that the cable has been fully plugged ...

rift s plugin cable :/

So basically... My pet kitten broke the wire on my vr headset, Anywhere to buy a replacement cable??? Because I don't wanna buy an entire new headset which is pretty pricey. Just looking for a plugin cable.... Bye.

Oculus Rift S / Acer Nitro 5 setup

Hello VR users! I’m a recent VR user and I recently purchased an Oculus Rift S headset. Now, I have an Acer Nitro 5 which has a Type C and an HDMI port meanwhile the VR Headset only has a USB 3.0 and a DisplayPort. I’ve seen that by buying a Type-C t...

Rift S USB Port Reset Failed

So, When is occulus engineering going to fix Port Reset failed issues with their usb drivers. everytime i restart my pc i get port reset failed. uninstall the driver. unplug and replug the usb it works. bonkers that this issue has been going on for y...

Just Another Display Port problem

Hello, so i travel whole internet and still i was not able to fix Display Port no connection issue. installed a Oculus software plugged Rift S into my VR ready USB on my msi z270 gaming plus. Everything was working i did first steps etc, install stea...

DalexVR by Level 2
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Oculus Rift S crashes

Dear Community!I have been playing Beat Saber on steamVR with the oculus app with an oculus rift s.Yesterday everything was working fine but I have got an update for the software when I stopped playing. I downloaded and updated it then I stopped the ...

Display Port not working, pls help

so, i buyed the oculus rift s for christmas, when it arrived it worked fine, until now, i launched the oculus software, started a game, the game worked fine except for the problem that the rift s wasn't showing up anything on the screen, the controll...

loffry by Level 2
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No Display Port Connection

I bought a adapter from Amazon because to plug my Display Port to my laptop because the adapter that came with the rift s wont plug in. The USB cable is fine but why does it say no Display Port connection though I plugged the Display Port into the ad...

Oculus Rift S Black Screen for Months

This is a last ditch effort to find a resolution to my issue.I have a black screen on my Rift S, have done every sort of trouble shooting by the Oculus Support team as well as things I found online. I've gone as far as buying a new headset as well as...

sound problem rift s

Hello,I am having problems with my rift sI have a ryzen 9 an RTX3070and the sound starts to crackle and then I have no sound.I have to restart the oculus aplication to find the sound, which then disappears.Thank you for your help.

Oculus Rift Audio

My rifts audio only work when its at a certain tightness which ends up being way to tight to actually end up playing vr comfortably. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice to fix this issue?

Games corrupting

Yesterday I just bought boneworks ans beatsaber after I installed them on steam I launched beatsaber first. It worked just fine no problems. After that I tried boneworks and it worked just fine. I woke up today to play a bit of beatsaber, but when I ...