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Sensors Can't track Headset

Ive had my oculus for about a week now and ive took a short break off it, I come back to play it and it can't track so i did the necessary troubleshoot problems but my drivers were up to date and everything is fine. Can someone help me I don't know h...

gray screen

I went to play with my rift s this afternoon, and it started to give a gray screen and the light in the middle of the eyes just stays red. Yesterday I was playing normally with my rifst s.

Resolved! Oculus Rift S buyers Remorse

I have recently purchased the Oculus Rift S.Two weeks later its announced that this device is end of line. Existing stock sold will not be replaced. All I see is Oculus Quest 2 new features, The exclusive Star Wars game. Wire free PC VR. Nothing rega...

Zenith: The Last City (new VRMMO)

Rift (PCVR)Quest (Standalone)Steam (PCVR) I like the idea of a VR MMORPG, but didn't really like A Township Tale nor Orbus VR. Zenith looks a bit different and interesting! I've heard EU servers are currently full. I'll be playing on NA and will give...

Oculus Rift S and GoXLR

Has anyone been able to successfully use these two in tandem? First the sound would play in OBS but I couldn't hear it in the headphones. Then the headphones worked but the mic wasn't picking me up.

All Problems for Oculus Rift S

Use this discussion for all problems related to the Oculus Rift S! I have found most solutions for mine which I will be sharing on here as well.Common Problems: Tracking, Guardian, Setup, Freezing, Snow Pixels, Jittering, Plug Problems, USB 3.0 error...

Oculus Rift and RX 6600 XT

After upgrading my GPU from GTX 1070 OC to RX6600 XT, my oculus rift is no longer working. Keeps giving me the error "Oculus Hardware Error".Anyone else experiencing this?

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Displayport not detected (Rift S)

I have done all the troubleshooting steps from the support section for this issue numerous times. I have not been able to use the headset on two different PC's one with an AMD and one with NVIDIA graphics cards.Both systems met all minimum and recomm...

aLIENWARE m15 r6

Anyone else having problems connecting a Rift with a HDMI connection to an Alienware M15 R6 HDMI port. The thuinderbolt port does not connect to the GPU so I presume you can't connect via a docking station either.Any ideas?

USB Overload? (Oculus Rift)

Heyo everyone, I tried to set up my Oculus back after 2 years of sleep.In the meantime I changed my OS from Win 8.1 to Win 10 and freed some space by buying a new main SSD to FINALLY get back and play the games I coudn't play on VR before.One small i...

robo recall not working

can anyone help me please, i have been using my oculus rift now and playing some games, all working well... saw robo recall and liked the look of it, so downloaded it and tried to play.. it loads up lets me get in shows the firs scene where your in a...

My Oculous Rift is lagging

I got my Oculous Rift on Christmas as well as a brand new PC and the coulous used to be fine and be lag free, I was able to run big games such as Robo Recall etc... Later, however, I installed around 20 games on Steam as well as Oculous and now games...

Rift S forgotten by Facebook/Meta

I've gotta admit I think I dodged a bullet when it came to parting with my hard earned money, I was going to buy a Rift S like my son has but thought the Quest filled my needs better and boy am I glad. To say Rift owners have been screwed out of thei...