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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Insane problem with Rift CV1!

TLDR : My rift works fine if the touch controllers are asleep. As soon as either wakes up, I get a black screen in VR and the 'Oculus Rift has stopped working' popup.I have tried latest & PTC versions, got all my bios & drivers up to date, and tried ...

simmerd by Level 2
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Oculus Rift S scratched Lenses

Ok,f...k all reviewers which had said glasses were no problem with the rift s. i have glasses, i wear them thight to my face but now them and the lenses of the rift have the first scratches.What should i do now? The Rift was delivered last week.I am ...

Problems i have resolved with my Rift S

Since owning my headset for just over a month, it has been a never ending battle of fighting to keep this headset working. I just fixed my last issue a minute ago so i thought i would list my struggles and fixes for them since i found it so damn diff...

Wolfiey by Level 2
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Cant track headset and other issues

Hi guys, so I bought my son a rift S for xmas and I don't know whats going on!Very occasionally it'll run fine but the vast majority of the time it crashes, says that it can't track the headset, or steam vr crashes and it's totally unplayable most of...

srobo17 by Level 2
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Flawless Install - ANYONE? ANYONE? Bueller?

My Rift S ships today, and of course I've already spent too many hours learning all I can in advance.Oh, the irony! Oculus and early reviewers proudly cheered the Rift S, saying, "Setting up your headset is quicker and easier than ever before."And ye...

Oculus Rift S Sensors can’t track headset

So I have some big issues with the software for the Rift S, especially with the sensor. Every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to play some VR the software tells “sensors can’t track headset” and I try to find a solution for that problem. I tried liter...

DenZone by Level 2
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Delete an Oculus Home Environment

Can anyone tell me how to delete one of my Oculus Homes?I was messing about with templates and ended up creating 4 homes which is the maximum. Need to delete these test ones so I can create new ones with different templates. I'm now getting this mess...

Rift headphone sound quiet at 100%.

English: Hello.I'm not very good at English, but I hope people can understand me. The sound from my Oculus Rift is often too quiet, although I have the headphones set to 100% in both the Windows sound settings and the Oculus software. Sometimes the p...

Oculus Touch Basics Missing From the Library

Remember the original Oculus Touch Basics app? Not the newone where you dance with the robot, I’m talking about the original one setagainst the gray background.More to the point, I’m talking about this one:It’s completely gone from my Oculus menu. An...

Computer not giving image through to my Rift S

I've recently bought the new rift S and follow the steps to installing it to my computer. After this i found out that the Oculus rift is not getting an image from my computer, the audio and sensors are working perfectly fine.There is an error message...

Rift S Black Screen During Guardian Setup

*UPDATE* So the headset works on 2 of my friends computers perfectly with no issues at all. Going to try a reinstall of windows today and hope it fixes the issue for me...*UPDATE* It somehow made it through the Guardian Setup without Black Screening....

Rift S stopped working.

So i have owned my rift S for just over a month now, it has been a problematic experince but i have eventually worked out the issues.So it has been working fine for a week and then i turned on oculus and it says it cant detect my device even though i...

Wolfiey by Level 2
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Headset not working

Hi All, Just received my Oculus Rift S and am unable to get video in my head set. I have audio, blue light on front of head set is lit up, white light inside headset by bridge of nose is lit. All display ports work and tested with monitors. I do have...

Problem with Right trigger getting stuck

I bought my Oculus Rift S about a month ago, for black Friday, from amazon, and started using it roughly 2 weeks ago. Today, the right controller trigger decided to get stuck in any position I leave it in, the spring not working. From my research, I ...