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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Asgard's Wrath's performance test (PTC)

Howdy, everyone!As many users and AW's players have previously reported, the game suffers from sudden fps drops and insane jitters despite having enough headroom. I used to be able to play on full Epic settings with ASW off and 1.2 SS with no drops o...

Request. Modify the height to play sitting

This is a request. It is urgent for me to add an option to be able to manually modify the game height so that I can play sitting down. Although some games bring this option, the vast majority do not include it, which makes it impossible to play many ...

AlJ57 by Level 2
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Can not set my Home to Public?

I am new to Oculus so if this is obvious I am sorry. But I have the Oculus Rift S and can not set my Home to public. The options are there... public and friends...but no matter what I select it stays on private.Thoughts ?

Delivery Time

Hello, I've been wondering how long will it take me to get my Oculus Rift S, I ordered it Monday, Dec 16 10:00 PM. I live in Cali, Sacramento. How long about will it take for the Oculus Rift S to be delivered at my house? It's currently Thursday Dec ...

Performance loss since last live update

Hi, like many others have posted before, I now have huge performance loss sind the newest firmware update that installed today. Especially in assetto corsa competizione. But in others games i noticed performance drawbacks as well. How isnt there an a...

Goukira by Level 2
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How many laptops

So a friend of mine has bought 3 units for the family to play with, however they only have 1 gaming laptop. We were told that we only needed a 2nd laptop for the 3rd head set as the more powerful laptop could run 2 headsets through a splitter!!! I am...

SDFL by Level 2
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Black Screen

When I try to play a rift game, I have a black screen on the screen of the oculus but I can see the game on my monitor and I can hear the audio from the oculus, I don't know how to fix this, any one have any ideas?

Friends list no longer updates

Last night updated the Oculus software to the latest version and now my friends list will not update with the status of what my friends are doing (online, offline, game they are playing, etc). Once I start the Oculus software, my friends list just st...

Oculus Rift S connection doesn't work.

Hello, my name is Sergio,A few months ago I solved a problem for my Oculus Rift S which I now get again but this time I won't get it solved.The problem is that when I plug my USB 3.0 cable into a USB 3.0 port it says it is in a USB 2.0 (in every USB ...

HDR on Oculus Rift S

Does anyone know if Oculus Rift S is HDR compatible?I have some games that allow you to turn on HDR in the graphics options, but I doubt if in Rift S makes any difference or it is not supported.

iMac 27" 2019 - Rift S

Hi Everyone,I am interested in buying the Rift S for Christmas - ideally, while it is currently £50 off, however, I can't seem to find an actual answer to this question.Will the Rift S work on an iMac 27" 2019?I've seen a lot of answers along the lin...

UPS shipping from Oculus

Read somewhere that they need a signature for delivery? Anyone can confirm that? Mine is getting shipped to my daughter on 20th, and she will be at college. She leaves the US on 21st, so it would be a heck of a hassle if they dont leave it at her por...

Need to buy one urgently

I need to order a Rift S and its not in stock at Amazon. Their website says that it will ship in 2 days. Reliable? I need it to reach Philly by 19th.Any other site you guys can suggest where I can get a guaranteed delivery by that date?