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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Help: my Rift (CV) suddenly disappeared.

Hi, after using my Oculus Rift without any problems for about 1 hour, I took a break (30 minutes).When I put it on again,I had black screen. No sign of life. I went to Oculus config panel and realized my Rift was not connected.I tried to set it up ag...

Gico by Level 4
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Rift S future handtracking?

Bonjour, excusez moi pour le dérangement j'ai une petite question:- Est-ce que l'oculus rift S contient le hand tracking ou sera t'il prévue?Si non, il y a un autre moyen de pouvoir utiliser le suivi des mains? Un accessoire supplémentaire peut-être?...

Slow response time for tickets?

So I bought the rift S from the site and just this morning I get an email saying they cancelled it for no reason. I'm afraid they are going to try and make me order it again but pay full price instead of the black Friday deal.I emailed them this morn...

Brand new Rift S sensor check issues

My Rift S I purchased for black friday arrived a few hours ago and I have been having some seriously frustrating problems. First of all the oculus app it self is acting very weird with the majority of the time I just get stuck on the loading screen w...

piztols by Level 2
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Restart always problematic.

Hi,When I boot win 10 the oculus has always trouble connecting, asking to reboot the software.After some unorthodox unplugging and restarting all goos well.Is there any solution?

Rift S - Back from the dead!

Just wanted to let everyone know, that after 9 months of using my Rift S things have improved massively. I think they might have actually improved the tracking to an almost acceptable level. The other week I thought my Rift S was bricked as it didn't...

problem with audio

The sound works fine, but when I use the oculus sometimes the sound goes out! I have to remove the cables and reconnect them in order to hear the audio again! It often happens. How can I solve it?

Djgoe by Level 2
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Rift S Seated mode?!

I upgraded a few months ago from CV1 to S and I felt like firing up Talos Principle to try and complete the game. I had no problems with that game on CV1 but now that I'm on S, I noticed that I'm a dwarf in the game! I went through every options and ...

KNP54 by Level 5
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About 20% of the time I am getting a BSOD on Windows 10 when I either launch the Oculus software or try and download a game. I am running the latest 1909 build. Have not had any BSOD with this 1.5 year old system prior to getting my Oculus Rift S two...

dgc51 by Level 2
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rift s controller trigger stuck

just got my rift s today and everything works fine right out of the box except the right touch controller's trigger only depresses %40 and stops. it doesn't feel spongy or like it will fix its self if i just squeeze it harder. its just a hard stoppin...

problemi usb 3.0

hello everyone, I've purchased Oculus rift s for 2 weeks, but I have problems with USB 3.0, unfortunately I have a dated motherboard (Asus p7h55m) that doesn't have usb 3.0, so I even bought two cards pci express, but with both during the configurati...

Black Edges while Turning

sometimes it's fine and sometimes its not, but a lot of the time while playing a game i turn my head and everything blurs and there are black edges while the framerate drops significantly

LuxMask by Level 2
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rift S disconnect when lunching a game

just got my rift S and the set up was pretty easy beside the sensor scaning that fait multiple time ( having to disconnect my usb and reconnect ) and after telling my everything is setup i try to lunch a game and carch my heaset back to the app i see...

No screen configuration.. [SOLVED]

Hello everyone, I come to the community to find help ..I just bought the oculus rift S but can not set it up. Indeed I have absolutely no picture.I tried to unplug the usb then the displayport and reconnect but nothing. Even on other Displayport / Us...

Original Rift no hdmi connection

Ive had this rift for a year or two now and its worked fine but last time i used it i put it away and then when i went to play it again about a month later it just wont work, ive tried everything i can find, ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling th...

jlw6978 by Level 2
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