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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Can my pc handle vr?

Hi, I'm thinking of buying an oculus rift s, and I'm not sure if my pc can handle it. Here are my specs:os windows 10 gpu: Amd radeon vega 3 graphicscpu: amd ryzen 3 2200u with radeon vega mobile (4 cores)Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Extension Cables

I need to extend my Rift S cables so I can play downstairs away from my pc where there isn't much room. I need 10meter cables. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase them. I know that they wont be cheap but it will be worth it.Thanks

No Internet equals no game play?

Do to high winds, a nearby fire and Demons, my internet has been and will likely be on/off for the next few days. I have only now discovered that when I run my Oculus software to start playing I get a Fatal Error Encountered Press any key to restart ...

Eldraad by Level 4
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Cannot connect my Rift S to my PC

Hello! I'm reaching out to ask what I can do to connect my new Rift S to my PC.I've followed the steps in the app. The point I'm hung up on is getting my headset recognized by my PC.Nothing happens when I plug in the USB or the Displayport cords.I us...

Chronos game will not starting

Hi,I have just buy Chronos today.I can choose gender, kind of weapon (sword of axe), language, difficulty level...but when i try to launch it , it stay blocked on a black page with a turning labyrinth....have somebody an idea for me ?I play with a ri...

lif-lif by Level 2
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ThumbRest Button missing in Rift S controller

Hello All,The Thumbrest buttons are not available in the "Oculus Rift S" touch controllers.Our app function uses all the "Rift" controller buttons along with Left, Right Thumbrest's.So when we are running the app in "Rift S" HMD, we are not able to u...

Oculus updates

Can you please make it so we get notification when update is available? Because i was just streaming some non VR game on twitch and i see bandwith went to hell. I check task manager and i see Oculus downloading update. Without any notification or my ...

Rift S - Tracking Drift Issue (Fix)

I noticed something recently, I can help stop the drift by just continually pressing a button on the controller. If I have a button pressed or I am tapping one of the buttons, no drift. When playing FPS games the controls will drift if you just leave...

MSI Laptop Black Screen After 30 Sec. FIXED

I have an MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RF laptop with the Nvidia GTX 1070 and had experienced the black screen issue after approximately 30 seconds with my Oculus Rift S. The only workaround had been to use the Nvidia 417.71 driver. Anything newer than the 4...

GeoGus by Level 2
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Using an SSD external with Asgards Wrath

I have always played my VR games off the HD drive on my computer since the SSD doesn't have enough space. I've never had any kind of issues whatsoever with any of the games. My computer is about a year old, has a decent Graphics card (a 1070 I think)...

Is my processor a problem?

So I have ran the test for the oculus rift and it says that everything is OK except for my OS and my processor. I did some research and it says that it still supports Windows 7.But I was wondering if me having an AMD FX6300 processor will stop me fro...

F0xyBG by Level 2
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No screen only sound for the Rift S

So i got a new rift S today and for some reason after i did the set up and i got too the part where it was supposed to let me set up the guardian system i only got a black screen, i tried any other VR game or anything like wise to see if it would wor...

Is my computer ready for VR ?

Hello everyone !To start, I'd like to say that i'm french so i'm very sorry if I do some mistakes. It's been 6 months ago since I want the oculus Rift S, and I have a gamer PC but I don't know if he's ready or not for VR.Can u help me ? Please I real...

take a 360 picture of your VR view

I see you can take a 2D screenshot/video within the Rift's interface.What would be swell is the ability to take a 360 photo that could be viewed again, or could be sharedlike any other 360 photo compatible with google cardboard etc.

Question about screen door effect

So I used to have a 1060 3GB. I never really understood what people meant by the screen door effect. That is until I upgraded to a 1080Ti. I immediately noticed the difference. Mainly in the SteamVR home. To make sure it was the case, I quickly put m...