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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Headset check rift s failed?

Hi I just recently got my rift s and it worked on Sunday and now it wont work. I have tried everything that oculus support forms has. I also have tried a different computer that also did not work. does anyone know how to fix this problem.

My Apps won't install??

One I bought Gorn and tried to download then I uninstalled the oculus app on my pc and now I can't install any of my apps anymore and I have tried restarting my pc and the oculus app.

Resolved! Installing purchased game

I purchased "Creed: Rise to Glory" from inside the store while in VR. Waited for it to download, only to find a notification : "Sorry, we couldn't install Creed: Rise to Glory. Visit Oculus support for help." Surely I can't have purchased it for the ...

проблемы с изображание в VR

При запуске игры в VR, в шлеме изображение "расслаивается" (отдельно какая-то часть картинки) при любом движении картинки, будь то перемещение камеры или просто анимации. у кого-нибудь были схожие проблемы как решили? Система: i5 4690 3.5ГГц, AMD RX5...

I'm getting ERROR - Multiplayer Session timed out

I just used my headset for the first time in a while and in My Loft it will reload the Loft randomly and give me the error ERROR - Multiplayer Session Timed Out. It is also a little glitchy graphic wise. Not sure what is going on. Hopefully someone h...

Dash3r by Level 2
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Rift S no power

I've been using my rift for almost a year now and yesterday i unplugged the headset like i normally do and put it away. I came back and the headset wasn't turning on (no orange/white light) it wasn't being recognized by oculus app. I tried unplugging...

raccord display ou mini display vers hdmi

bonjour j'ai acquis un casque rift s et aucune possibilité de le raccorder sur hdmi après avoir acheté un adaptateur mini display hdmi le casque n'est pas reconnu en video quelqu'un as t'il une solution en dehors de me dire de changer d'ordi merci po...

v27 PTC PC Software Release Notes

Oculus Link Added a fix to reduce judder across multiple applications including Medium and Quill. Improvements to microphone reliability. Improved recovery flow for GeForce driver hangs on Pascal cards. For more information, visit https://support.ocu...

Resolved! Rift S Crashing and I've Tried Everything

PC Parts Below and Methods I TriedI've had my Rift S ever since it first came out and so I preordered it off of Amazon. Once when I got it I had so many issues with the software where it just crashed every single time I opened it and I was so close t...

3 dots

I've updated every single driver in my computer and even checked my windows updates all of them are up to date but the 3 bots always come up so I looked it up and it said to uninstall and reinstall so I did that the first time it said there was a pro...

Fvett by Level 2
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Left controller charge depletes immediately

My Rift S left controller battery life depletes immediately no matter what battery i put into it, I cleaned it earlier and whenever i put a battery in, it says it's low battery and when i take the same battery and put it in my right controller, it's ...

Recommended System Specifications

Привет, я хочу указать на небольшую неточность (ошибка)Минимальные требования указывают на процессор (Intel i3-6100). Я использую процессор с идентичными характеристиками (Intel Pentium G4620). Но ваше программное обеспечение совместимости указывает,...

Glob46 by Level 2
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Blurry vision when moving - Rift

Howdy,Just recently, I've encountered an issue with the vision from my Rift. The picture is fine until I move my head slightly where the picture blurs slightly than comes back into perfect focus. I mainly use it for racing games, my sensors have not ...