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PC Software Build 28.0 Release Notes

These features and enhancements will become available starting the week of April 19th, 2021. Oculus Air Link Oculus Air Link allows you to discover and pair your Oculus Quest 2 headset to your Oculus-ready PC over a secure Wi-Fi network. You can opt ...

Pinned Windows no longer work... help

As the title says.. Pinned windows no longer work.. after pinning them, click back into a game.. and they disapear... I did the oculus repair and graphic driver update.. still dont work. Please help. Was working FINE, til last update.

How do you unplug Rift-S cable?

When I touch the cable I get static and disconnects. I've tried to unplug and replug the cable.I removed everything but the cable is just attached very tightly. Is there some secret to unplugging it? I have big hands maybe that part of the problem. S...

MowTin by Level 11
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Oculus Home - Custom Room Downloads?

Hello, I was hoping to get some tips on custom objects for Oculus Home. I've imported a few custom items and a few that are animated. I was hoping to get some help with custom rooms. I've gotten most of my objects from Sketchfab, but most architectur...

Nimarus by Level 4
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new Rift S user impressions.

So I've been using the headset for a day now, and this annoying oculus app has in the meantime asked me at least a dozen times to set up guardian and calibrate floor height. ULTRA annoying. Also whoever thought that foam on the headset that sits on y...

How to use steamVR?

Can someone please explain to me how to use steamVR with Rift S? Because i can't figure it out. I launched SteamVr, it opened oculus app and it completely reset my setup process so i had to go trough it again. Then Rift wouldn't detect my controllers...

Dirt rally 2.0 vr

Any ideas what is actually happening with the vr update, its gotta be close now.I can not fi d one thing about apart from months ago just realised in the summer.Someone must no something.

No Laptop Support

The oculus rift s, unlike other VRs, must have a direct connection to the GPU. This "feature" causes there to be no way to play vr on most laptops without just getting a vive or windows mixed reality. I know this is not a requirement for VR because e...

Controllers/Hands Stop working

While playing a game like Star Trek Bridge Crew my hands would stop working and could not continue to play at all since i had no function to use my hands. It is very frustrating to be playing nad then your hands / controllers would not function the b...

New Rift S arrives tomorrow !

My second CV1 (1st replaced under warranty) has now developed the same issue with the left speaker not working, so yesterday I decided pretty much on impulse to buy a Rift S from the Amazon Australia store as it was Aussie $630 with free 2 days shipp...

blanes by Level 8
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It's probably me, but I need help

Ok, just getting into VR. I'm 68 so that might be the reason. Evidently, I am not asking the right question with support. I just purchased the Rift S. Yes, I am new at this. When i go out to sights for VR, it is like I am watching a monitor on the he...

mnray by Level 2
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Покупка в России

Доброе время. Не могу понять, как заказать у производителя oculus rift s если на сайте написано, что товар в Россию не поставляется? Так же пробовал изучать предложения официальных поставщиков, но и там выясняется, что товар не продается в России. Ко...

Have Oculus And Headset Cable Broke.

I Have An Oculus Rift, (Not An S or anything special) And The Headset Cable broke, which seems like an easy fix.... until the fact that "It isn't available in my country" becomes a problem, Specific reason as to why there are no headset cables in sto...

My USB 3.0 is working like 2.0

My USB 3.0 is working like 2.0 and I don't know what to do. It stops recently, before that everything was OK.My Specs:Windows 10 Last updateCPU: QuadCore Intel Core i5-7600K, 4100 MHz (41 x 100)Motherboard: Biostar H110MHV3 (Supports 3.0)GPU: GeForce...

Resolved! Supersampling?

I am buying Rift S and i'd like to know is it somehow possible to set supersampling in the Oculus native app like it is possible to do in SteamVR? Also, does activating DSR in Nvidia control panel enable you to set higher resolution in the VR game li...

Sensor can't track headset on rift S

Hello, I'm french, my english isn't the best, sorryI installed the lastest oculus app on my computer, found on oculus.com/setupThe app asked me to put my USB 3.0 and my display port, so i did.He seems to work (with the two green tick), but the step a...

90hz frequency..

hello guys, my question is:it’s possible via firmware add a feature to upgrade frequency up to 90hz? So the people can adjust it at will...some people notice a non-fluidity experience, especially in iracing simulation..I believe that oculus would mak...

luketdi by Level 2
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Rift S Major Issues

I've just got my headset plugged it in and it's work very well for a month or two but then I started having issues with tracking, and the Oculus service crashing almost immediately after putting the headset on. I've tried all sorts of solutions on th...

Oculus Rift S dont work at all for me!

I just recently got this VR headset and was super excited to play. Besides a few bugs here and there it was working pretty well but as soon as I downloaded Beat Saber holy crap its like I gave myself a curse. The entire headset don't work now, I cant...