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display port not working >:( pls help

Level 2

so i just bought my oculus rift s and i try connecting it every thing is good and dandy up until i try to set it up, it tells me that my display port isnt working and i know its not my graphics card neither is it the oculus because i had tested this priorimage_2021-11-28_210538.png


Level 2

I may have a solution for this. Disconnect your rift s from your pc, and unplug the cable in the rift s for about 5-10 seconds. Then try setting it up again. If this doesn’t work, go into settings - beta - restart oculus. Let me knoe if any of these work.

Whoops I meant to say know not knoe lol 

For the first method make sure when you plug the headset cable into the headset you make sure it’s fully secured in there. I tried it before, and thought it was broken until it fell out so I tried it again.

this did not work ive tried everthing and im despret for solutions 😞 i bought this thing for 250

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey @kartoon260, we're sorry to hear you're having issues connecting your Rift S to your PC. If you're sure your graphics card is up to date, and your PC meets the minimum requirements then the issue could be the result of the Windows program you are running. Windows 11 is not yet supported, and it is recommended to revert back to Windows 10 in order to enjoy PCVR through your Oculus device. 


If you need further assistance please let us know. 👍