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displayport disconnecting

Level 3

after many months I still can't get my oculus rift s running. I did all the support steps that you recommend, until I returned the previous updates. but nothing works.


someone who can help me.




  1. Stop Oculus service (Debug Tool -> Service -> Stop Oculus Service; sc stop "OVRService" may work too)

  2. Back-up and remove everything in the C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support folder except the oculus-dreamdeck-nux, oculus-touch-tutorial, and oculus-worlds folders

  3. Copy archive contents into that folder of whatever version you're installing

  4. Do steps in README.txt in Prevent Oculus Client to prevent Oculus from automatically updating itself

  5. Start Oculus Service (step 1 with Start instead; also sc start "OVRService")

  6. Win

  7. Rift users may need to run C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-drivers\oculus-driver.exe.


Level 4

Try this:


I had the same problem, not used my Rift S for 2 weeks and now constantly disconnecting > Firmware update > missing display port > and this again and again. (nothing chanched at my PC, but maybe a windows update)


Now i found a way it works:

-You need "MSI Util V3" (ask google)

-disconnect Rift S

-in Oculus App also remove the headset

-open MSI Util (as admin) and deselect/unmark "MSI" on your USB Controller, then press APPLY on up/right and restart PC.

-open Oculus app and connect your headset normally


....mine is now working again without disconnect.

Level 3

ok!! I am going to try