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graphic issue with new update oculust rift

Level 2
After version 19.0 was installed I started having graphics problems with my games, specifically with DCS and IL2, being in the cabin it has a "vibration" and the edges look as if they jumped. Then I tried Proyect Cars 2 and the same thing happens, the cabin looks like it "vibrates", I installed the latest version of my Nvidia card drivers but I can't find a solution.....any help?

Level 2
Not exactly sure what your mean my "vibrates" but I've tried to use my RiftS this morning and it looks like there is a slight graphic lag in the headset, doesnt matter in what game or even home there is a big graphic lag whenever I move my head around. If i keep it still its fine but any movement and lag. on my i9 & 2080Ti latest drivers? i dont think so.