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hi. how do i put my picture to be seen when i meet people iat vr places?

Level 2
I guess its basic but... I new here.

Level 3
One way to capture footage (videos and photos) is possible with GeForce Experience (You need a Nvidia graphicscard)
Install this (If you haven't already). Do the setup 'nd stuff.

Then, open the app. (app is named; NVIDIA GeForce Experience) Then navigate to the Gear icon on the top right of the menu. then enable something named overlay in-game. 

After you've done it's small setup. You should be able to open a menu with. Hold those 2 keys for a splitsecond : ALT + Z.

If that's working, you should be able to take screenshots with ALT + F1.

My PC-Specs:

I7 8700k - 16Gb DDR4 3200 Ram. (2x8) - RTX 2080 Ti