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keeps crashing, getting robot mic and the audio is popping/crackling..... help

Level 2
my rift s just won't stop crashing... the rift keeps saying it lost connection to the display port. however, I don't think it's the issue because just restarting the Oculus app somehow fixes the cable?? every few minutes my mic sounds like a robot and ear rapes everybody??? AND my audio is constantly making popping and crackling sounds??? like wtf. someone, please help, I just wanna play some VR... 

Level 2
I actually spent £100 on a modmic to fix this because so many were saying the RiftS mic is so bad and will never be fixed, I wouldn't advice this however .. its not worth £100 but I don't have this problem anymore.  The thing just won't play for more than 20 mins without crashing ...... If I've had it less than a year I wonder if I can get a refund, this is so bad.