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oculus rift s purchase descision

Level 4
So let me understand what we are being asked to invest in.
The new oculus rift s. 
I have always been one of the first to buy new hardware. My experience with O rift original really does not lend towards buying another head set.
The support I received over the years since I purchased the head set, has been poor. Yes they try and help, yes they give you instructions on what to do. But they do not admit to the multiple issues cause by Oculus updates for the dashboard. I have personally had days, if not weeks of downtime when an update has a glitch. The fact is all the time I have spent fixing Oculus software programs after invested heavily in the headset, sensors, controllers, hardware and software... in excess of 3,500 usd, has made the whole experience poor.
Concept - Brilliant, Software and games - Good when the programmers can be bothered, Support - Oculus misunderstand the value first users have had over the years fixing oculus issues. I spent almost 20 hours fixing my software glitches. Not including having to download every game multiple times. Its a shame they don't reward / compensate for all of these unnecessary issues. Good luck to the first takers, I am sure it is rushed and your systems will crash time and time again only for oculus to expect, without compensation, your input. 
To all who care, don't waste your money until they fix the issues. Wait 2 years ! 


Level 5
And in 2 years, another new set of issues. Got to jump in sometime. Replaced my CV1 rift with Rift s and am over the moon with the improvements apart from the abysimall sound.

Level 11
Fortunately you are one of the few ( out of probably several millions ) who have had issues with your Oculus HMD.
 We always or mostly, only get all the bad experiences people have had with their product.
 Ive had my Rift for almost 2years with no hardware crash issue whatsoever.
 Sure ive had minor issues, but always something that have been easily fixed.
My pc is always on and the rift have been connected the whole time.
 Im even running an earlier Nvidia driver which according to some have known issues.

Still my setup have been running flawless. Just wanted to let people who come across know. 🙂
Be good, die great !

Level 15
Yeah my CV1 ran rock solid without any issue at all - practically daily - for 2 years and 5 months.
Now that I have the Rift S, it is officially retired.
Rift CV1| Rift S| Quest| Reverb G2| Index| Vive Pro 2

Level 4
I see you have your PCs switched on full time? That means Oculus background can run updates consecutively. When you have a computer off for two weeks and Oculus runs 3 updates this is where the issue lays. I have updated my SSD drive because Oculus filled it up 3 times updating.  

Level 4
Heres my original issue. This is why I am not an oculus fan.

I have now uninstalled and reinstalled rift software 6 times. My games no matter how I try to back them up and replace them do not work. I have spent 12 hours online with Oculus. 
I have limited data allowance monthly. I have 264gb of paid games which I have to completely reinstall by downloading. Its now 4 attempts to do this and each time when I plug the hardware in I get the same error code. 
Its a code and Oculus staff do not seem to know what it is. 
I am sure other users have the same issues. 
It all started with Oculus program taking too much room on my SSD main drive. Every couple of weeks Oculus updates and needs 11gb and every week a game has to be updated. Its just about the most memory intense software I have ever experienced. I can never remember on all my consoles and on other platforms, like Steam using so much hard drive space.
I got one game working and the glitch still exists.
I will installed a larger faster 1tb SSD to improve the performance. Issue still exists. 
Never the less I am now on a fourth full reinstall. Many hours to download. 
Not one time have any of the helpers understood I have limited / restricted data allowance. I am in a country that rips off everyone with network packages.
I just don't see why Oculus has so many issues. I never had issues with my other consoles and programs on such a massive scale. 
Now oculus are bringing out a new headset. 
Perhaps they should fix the idiotic problems first.
Oculus quite simply has a very small development budget... its all I can think because why doesn't it work?

Level 4
And this
I was first in the line when Oculus was announced. Ive had it since the day they came out. Its failed with software 3 times. Each time takes hours of time and uses so much internet Gigabytes that it is now becoming unbearable to even switch the system on again. 
I need a PHD each time it fails. This time I am now in a country which has very expensive internet service providers. I get 500GB a month for 100 usd. My games which have to be reinstalled again even though they are all in the correct location and oculus recognised them, will take 264gb. The reinstall which I needed to do 5 times before I had to reinstall completely from scratch ( Oculus advice) Took around 36gb and now even though the games don't work. Oculus wants to update 11gb and the games need update xxxx gb.
You see my dilemma here? Why do facebook owners just imagine weve got endless resource, time, money to keep fixing issues which should not be happening. I have Xbox all, playstations all, Nintendos all. PC with STEAM ea GAMES and not once have I had to do this in 30 years. Its only this excuse for a program. 
If the system was a simple update I wouldn't be on here. I am so angry that this keeps happening. Is anyone else angry !!!! It cant be just me. 
Any way I have error code and I have sent below to oculus support. Where once again I will spend 3 or 4 hours helping them fix there issue, Also it will use all my important allowance. This is total crap
I have now spent more hours trying to repair oculus than is reasonable to expect from my investment.
I am sick to death of this system. 
3 times over 2 years I have had a full install due to oculus errors.
I live in a country with terrible expensive internet. Bahrain costs over 100 usd a month for 500gb. After that it cost more. My game files are 264gb. I uninstalled as per instructions. I reinstalled my games as per guide. I Spent another 2 hours online to solve the games not working. I had to take my laptop to work because I cant just give all my internet allowance away to this program. I do have other things like emails and Netflix to watch. 
Its beyond annoying.
After many many hours now I have finally had the chance to try and play my games. None of them work they all say error ovr25027186
All I can say is what a waste of money ,time and my life. For the love of god sort this out 

Level 4
I am sure you see where I am coming from

Level 11
I can definately imagine what a limitied amount of data and the reinstall procedure I often hear Support recommend people would make you feel like when you still cant make it work.

Now since rift-s is a new hmd, and I dont have it yet. There offcourse will be issues.
 As you can se the forum is kind of in a chaotic state these days due to newcomers and support threads.
This forum is basically VR lovers who loves vr so its kind of volunteer help one gets here.

Lets start from the beginning.
 What are your pc specs?
Have you turned of your antivirus, as it can mess with the ovr install service?
Default windows USB drivers installed?
Are you running on an win10 admin account ? ( you shouldnt )
Do you have any digits in your username ( read somewhere this can cause some issues as well. If its the case you do I will have to backtrack those posts ). 

The ovr service code error you get ( ovr25027186 ) is as far as I can tell mostly related to a login bug. Try logging out and back in to your Oculus account. But beware, this will trigger a new download queue and eat up some more of your bandwidth limitation.

NOW, since you have reinstalled several times and had ended up in the same spot pretty much every time I suspect its related to something else.

Give as much info as you can on your system and lets see if people in here can help you. 🙂
Again since Rift-S in new a lot of the errors we see in here, will be new to a lot of us and we will have to trace and backenginner issues in order to fix them.

Yes my pc is always on, but I have automatic updates turned off. So I can pretty much select wich elements I wants to get installed. That said ive never had any issues with these updates neither ( except the one we all had that broke the software last year .. lol ).

Be good, die great !

Level 4
fyi Thank you. I resolved the issue by clean install again and switching to Beta. A lot of hours and days after the initial issue.