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"Sensors can't track headset" - but works in Roblox

Level 3

My little brother found out that when he started up Roblox it asked him to put on his headset. When he picked up the headset, on the PC screen it was moving around like he had it on, but the screen in the headset was still the 3 Dots of Death. 


Now that I know this is a software issue, and not (thank goodness) a hardware issue, could we get some help here please? I would love to use my brand new Rift S to play some Half Life Alyx.


And, yes, I have done everything you guys and the community have suggested. Drivers are up to date, tried rolling back to v25 and so on, different USB ports, USB hub, resetting windows (not reinstalling), "repairing" oculus app, etc etc.... 


Level 2

Just bought a Rift S and I'm having the same exact issues. I've tried everything, still searching for a solution. I'll comment when I find a fix. 🙂