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"Sensors can't track headset*

Level 2
Yesterday I recieved my Oculus Rift S in the mail. I opened it and set it up accoring to the instructions. I only had minor problems doing this (basically had to just disconnect and reconnect the USB cable once). After that, I got to play using my brand-new VR-set for about 6 hours, until I decided to shut off the computer.
Today, I started up my computer again. I noticed that something was off, my headset sensors had stopped working completely. I haven't caused any damage to the headset, pretty much straight out of the box. I've tried updating/modifying all of my drivers, reinstalled Oculus twice and restarted my computer numerous times.

Is this a software problem, or have the sensors just randomly malfunctioned? I am genuinely dissappointed by the fact that this has happened, considering that this set is brand-new.
Please give me some assistance, if anyone knows what's wrong.


Level 2
I have had the same issue for 2+ months now. Save yourself.