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re centering and image shifting and stuttering jittering

Level 4
I am experiencing two major issues that basically make my headset unusable. beyond the USB issues....

The headset keeps momentarily losing teacking for just a blip. sometimes it flickers white or shows static for just a milisecond, but it's enough to make the headset recenter. So the screen is constantly shifting around and jumping. Makes games unplayable as you get moved out of your seat and into unplayable territory, or watching movies unbearable as the screen just keeps moving. If this only happened once every now and then it would be no big deal, but it is every 20 or 30 seconds...

The second one is a screen jitter... Sometimes the screen jitters uncontrollable as if I am having a seizure.... I will if it keeps doing it... lol

I feel like this was rushed, and that i am beta testing something I paid for.....

Not worth 400 bux!  The Quest yes, but the Rift S should been 250 tops...... TOPS!

This product seems legit fail unless I have a faulty product which it seems like I do....

2 PCs tested on btw.... and did a clean install on one.. good machines too... This is not a fun experience...

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager
Hey @cybershrapnel, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. For the tracking and jitter issues, if you haven't already please try disconnecting your Rift S, wait 10 seconds, connect your USB, wait another 10 seconds then connect your DisplayPort connection. Also, please try reseating the cable on the headset side. You'll need to remove the facial interface first to access it. Please contact support at so we can help you with this. Thanks! -Rick

Level 4
Oculus Support!  Stop being asshole asshats!!!! That is not a solution and I am sick of being told to do this! My hardware should nt need constant disconnecting to work! I don't want to take of my headset and get up ever 10 minutes!!!!   STOP BEING DUMB!!!! I WILL GO AS FAR AS TO SAY FUCK YOU!!!!

Returning my product and I will be telling my followers NOT to purchase oculus products!
I run btw

Level 4
a temp solution is to chANGe the processor priority of the 3 oculus exe in task manager to realtime... which is not really a solution but it far

Level 4
but doing so will disable the ability to pop out windows from virtual desktops..... just an exclamation now..... so, it works with drawbacks.... Is it the experimental window pop out feature that is causing all these problems possibly????

Level 4
same issue for me, i tired with answer by oculus they talk about anything instead the  problem we try to resolve 
company always tell anything , is bad support
i'm tired, i return my rRIFT S , is a big fail and a big huge bad software 
i not encourage them in that way and many on youtube and internet forum  want return their quest and rift s 

oculus is damn pitty ! , they not have tested their tracking and other thing 

they have remove a good thing from the headset and want our money 
i needed to buy an pci usb 3 inatect to work and i paid 40 box for this , i have already many usb 3 on m,y motherboard but their bad software is not able to recognize what i have already ! 

in many game i got issue , black screen, flickering , , many have the same problem, so is not about our computer or other thing, is the headset itself ! 

i tired oculus tell anything to save their skin ! 
they layer, they bad support 
is a scam, is a trap , byebye oculus ,    i go for hp reverb !