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rift s battery drain fast

Level 4
this is stupid they not have add a button to off our controller 
this is a pain to remove the batterie each time 

i not understand how a big company like this have create a headset with lack of feature 

no headphone = stupid ( a headphone with choice possibility to move on headset should be the best solution ) 
i know is to hear ambian sound but is stupid to have remove completely this feature 

the halo design = big mistake , hard to put many headphone on it , and that broke all possibility 

the controller = stupide to not have made a better secure rope to hold them 
( need to pay a third party accesories just for that at big price is no sens 

the distance with lens : is stupid, that give to us less FOV , made a better tiny foam would have a better sens  

ipd = ok, because is an LCD , they cant made better option 

headset power button : stupid in 2019 to need to close those device by windows , task manager , completly no brain ! 

Quest have better resolution , is stupid they not have made the same for the rift s , why to make two different headset , the answer is simple, is for marketing sell 
if they having made a headset with possibility to got bot, wireless and cable in same time , people should be more happy ! 
now is 2 different headset with lack of feature on both ! 

to see a movie normal or 3d with rift s = bad , the resolution is not good , many screendoor efect  , pixel , we can see the difference with our pc screen 
is hard to see those movie ,we got a headache fast ! on quest is better to see movie because more resolution ! 

no game free with rift s = they not want give anithing, bad company at all ! 
all vr games is expensive and why they not give 1 game or 2 is totally dumb form them ! 
their free experience is bad , less resolution on their video ,  their game is small and nothing interesting  

today because i played a small animation called  LOST, they gave to me some free another bad liottle experience 
why they made this, why we need to see one to unluck some other 
why they not game all in one time ! 
totally stupid ! 

anyway  OCULUS have made a big mistake to bring LENOVO in this project , this is the worse headset we can got ! 
when at the launch they said ' THIS IS THE BEST HEADSET WE CAN HAVE FOR VR'', is a liar , is a marketing sell , that it , that all 
another company made a better product  , more expensive but more interresting

i know many are happy , but is better to go with another company with better resolution ! 


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Relax. The Software is not reporting true Battery Usage, does not Power OFF Controllers, Warns us in games but can swap focus out from it e.g. Elite and could cost you a Ship!, Goes dead at 50%. This is same for CV1 Touch. Was reported months ago and fuck all done about it just the same as no Strafe in Home which got 600 Votes in UserVoice. Oculus need more (or better) Staff to get stuff done the way it should be. Elon Musk even has 2 sites competing each other to build the first Space Hopper!!!

What surprised me was NO MICROFIBRE CLOTH!!!!

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The Touch Controllers staying on seemingly has been fixed in version 1.38 of the software ( along with firmware).
Available now on Public Test Channel.
You will see it listed in the Beta tab of your Oculus Home settings.

Now what I really would like to know is how you managed to play a game in the Rift S today when you stated a couple days ago you had already returned it and was done with Oculus.

I think something smells a little here...

Level 4
ok, first my primary language is french , so what i mean isnot really what i said ,is true lol 
i meant , i want return soon   , yeah you right is not like  return it  ( for me was the same , but it is not  ) lol 
i check since they have updated the software if all is better 

but the tracking still the same , loose often ( because is headset camera problem , this is not controlled by software ) 
for batterie i test now, but my battery was in middle before the new software ,so is more hard to see correctly if is better or not ! 

Level 3
Vote here, maybe it will help Rift S controllers battery life

Level 2
On my old computer (built in 2013 but added a Nvidia 1070Ti video card) I could play games using the Rift S and yes, I found the tracking bad and the controller battery life short. On No Man's Sky l would often find myself going in the wrong direction because tracking had been lost, very frustrating! I experimented with lighting and everything people said on the forums and I thought, well, eventually Oculus will fix this or maybe Hello Games will.

THEN they suddenly fixed EVERYTHING! This is how it was fixed: I built a new computer, Intel i9 9900K processor, 32 GB 3200 RAM, Z390-F gaming ATX motherboard, still using my Nvidia 1070Ti video card, one 1TB NVMe SSD and one 2TB NVMe SSD drive.

I no longer have any tracking issues and the controller batteries last a lot longer.

Can you get the message here? The problems lie with us, the user and not with Oculus or Hello Games.

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Yeah but still the Rift S controller batteries drain much faster than the Rift CV1 controller batteries.

I assume maybe something to do with inside out tracking but who knows.

Level 15
Ya, probably why all other inside outside controllers use 2x AA batteries per controller.
i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro

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I Sim Race so only I keep 1 controller on the floor behind the seat of my sim rig so my headset can't see it. I only pick it up to bring up the virtual desktop once in a while but the damn battery dies in a week. Is there a way of bringing up the virtual desktop without using a controller? getting pretty tired of these things eating batteries like this. 

Level 15
Just remove the controller batteries between use.
i9 9900k, rtx3090, 32 Gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4tb hdd. xi hero wifi mb, 750w psu, Q2 w/Air Link, Vive Pro