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rift s controller broke. no replacement.

Level 2

my rift s controller broke and i cannot get a replacement by your company. this device is not older than 4 years and i cannot get a replacement controller for a device that cost me more than 400 bucks. this is literally the worst company that i had ever to deal with. if i can´t get a controller from OCULUS then i never buy anything from this company again.


Level 4

they stopped making the rift S only model u can buy now is the quest 2 but they still dont make replacement parts for that either.


Look around ebay and u might be able to find a used 1 being sold.


Oculus used to sell spares but since facebook bought oculus they stopped making spare parts.


I had probs trying to get a new cable for my old CV1. only ones i could find were £200 for a broken 1 in worse condition than mine was in. so ended up having to buy another CV1 just to get the cable which was cheaper than the cable was.

Then got the rift S same prob no spare parts and its cheaper to buy another than it is to get spares.


So like u i wont be getting another oculus HMD ill go with someone else.

Level 4

Welcome to the club of people that don't ever plan to buy another "oculus" device, stay a while, we have cookies.

just orderd an HP reverb G2. have to wait til they come back in stock though before they can send it to me. estimated at 2 weeks.


Not worried about its poor tracking as i dont use the controlers anyway. i play driving sims so use wheel and pedals.

But with 4k res its far suppior to any other HMD on the market.  only prob is it still might need the oculus app to run. if thats the case that wont last long either cause its the app thats breaking the HMD.

But HP doesn't appear to sell any accessories for their Reverb headset either (which is why I bought a Vive Cosmos instead).

i looked at the vive and index. didnt like them. they r too big and heavy for my head to hold up. so need something light which is the reverb which is a bit lighter than the rift S.

Plus the reverb is cheaper than the other 2.

Level 4

u can buy replacement parts for the G2 from the HP website including cables and controllers. u can also use the index knuckle controllers with the G2 but for that u also need to get the index lighthouses and pair them up.


1st u have to setup the lighthouses. then u have to pair the knuckle controllers 1 at a time with 1 turn on the other off. once paired u then have to hold 1 knuckle controller and 1 G2 controller in the same hand and move ur hands around till they both merge together to show its accepted them. then do the same for the other controller. then it will use the lighthouses for tracking instead of inside out tracking which will improve tracking. prob with the G2 tracking is it uses LED lights on the controllers instead of IR so u have to remove all LED lighting from the room but still have enough light for the cameras to work. even the LED lights on a PC can cause tracking probs with the G2. but u can replace the controllers with just about any controlers u want providing u pair it up with lighthouses or base stations. it might even work using the CV1 sensors and controllers. if i had known that a few months ago i wouldnt of sold my spare CV1 sensors and controllers as i had 4 controllers and 4 sensors.

Do you have a link to the spare parts at HP? I tried the "Parts Store" link and searched for Reverb. While a large list of parts did appear, looking deeper (clicking on the items) all came up with answers such as "Part discontinued by manufacturer"; "Part is not orderable in the HP Parts Store"; "Part is on backorder, quantity in stock is 0", or the link led me to a "item not found" page 🙄


Also, LEDs can be infrared (e.g. pretty much all IR remotes these days use a LED emitter), so I'm not sure why you are having such tracking problems.

Level 15

If you actually need a new right or left Rift S controller you should contact Oculus Support and start a ticket.  They may still have warranty stock that they may be able to give/sell you.  You should have done this before this rant imho. 

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