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using oculus rift with other VR equipment

Level 2

Hi guys,


I'm hoping someone can help me here, as it seems that I have somewhat lost touch with technology nowadays.

A few years back I bought the Oculus Rift CV1, and have really enjoyed it. Mainly because of the ease of use. Its very "pickup and play" which is great for my kids. However I recently went to upgrade my VR setup and bought the Pimax 8K with the valve index base stations and knuckle controllers, and my experience with this new setup has been disappointing. Its not NEARLY as user friendly as the oculus, it has no built in headphones, and I cant access my oculus games and can only access the select few that I have on steam VR. Its of absolutely no use for my kids due to the non user friendly-ness.

So, I am thinking of either...


1) buy a new headset that is compatible with the valve base stations and knuckle controllers.


2) Go back to using my rift CV1.


Here is where I am hoping you guys can help.

If I go with option 1, can you guys recommend a headset that is compatible with the valve index base stations and knuckle controllers, but is also very user friendly (i.e. pickup and play like oculus), and also has built in headphones?


If I just go with option 2 and go back to using my Rift CV1, can I use the valve index base stations and knuckle controllers with the rift headset, as I do like the knuckle controllers?


OR if anyone has any other ideas for user friendly setups, then I am all ears.


Thanks guys



Level 12


Theres a program called revive, it allows you to play oculus content with other headsets. 

Thanks for that, but the lack of built in headphones on my Pimax is still a problem. Can you suggest any other headsets?

I don't see that as a problem.  I have better headphones then any vr headset can provide.  I would much rather a headphone jack.  you could always just add on a strap.

Level 8

CV1 is a great option still (it has oled so black level is cool).  But it will not work with any of other 3rd party hardware.

I do have other headphones that I can use, but it's just another thing to turn attach/put on/setup.

It's the pickup and playability that I am looking for. Oculus was easy. You basically just needed to put on your headset and the Oculus software started automatically.

Pimax is known for being a hassle to setup to play, and not being very user friendly.

That's way to expensive haha.

Not very happy with pimax anyway. I waited for about 3 years to get my stuff that I bought, and then I got a letter from FedEx informing me that they had made ME liable for the delivery charge!!! Ha!! The ordasity!!

so quest 2 can be used valve knuckles as of a few days ago.