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Can't Install Some Demos Due to WS Reputation 1 Dedected

Level 2
Many demos downloaded from share were detected with this "virus/ malware..." program, is anyone here knows whether it is safe to install that?

Level 9
Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but it's reputation based. No reputation is red flagged as much as a bad reputation. In short the files are too new. I have to disable (does it for 15 min automatically) my anti-virus to run the demos.

Level 15
We scan all the files hosted on Share, but sometimes there can be false positives. I don't know of any confirmed malware ever being on the site, but I guess it's possible. Some scanners will detect different things than others.

What software are you using that flags the software, and which specific games have the problem?
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Level 3
Yeah reputationalarm are usually safe. Norton gets crazy with every new .dll especially with the "direct modes"

just turn it off while testing

Level 2
I had to put my Oculus / Oculus Games and Demos folders in exception list on the Norton program since I was getting that same false positive from every single demo, it also happens with updates from Grey Dog Software games. Now everything works perfectly fine 🙂
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