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Features I would like to see.

Level 4
When booting into windows then the Oculus app then have have a menu choice how you want to run Oculus.   
A.  When booting pc then go right into Oculus so no config needs to be done like we do sometimes by running the app first.
I know....  Some of you will say just place it in the startup folder. 
No!  I do not want any windows gui at all.  Maybe once pc hardware is 
small enough to wear on our belt then the only cord we need is for power.  But for now using Oculus as a replacement for explorer.exe on a temporary basis 
is a very cool idea.  I guess I have to experiment with using DELL micro form factor to do this. 

Then you just open oculus app to uncheck it to go back to regular windows after the next reboot.


Level 3
I wish the Oculus store would let you sort games by price/rating.