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Tips to help run the Oculus Headset

Level 3

Good evening from Mullion Cove Cornwall.

A couple of things I have found with Windows 7 is that windows updates cause a
lot of problems, I personally turn them off until a program requires an update
to run, then I install only that update.

With the oculus if I have been running say Sansar, ( the Second Life for the
Rift ), then load Flyinside to play with Microsoft Flight Sim in the headset,
it can judder.

Reboot the computer then run Flyinside again and it is fine.

When using Flyinside I use a Joystick, if I use the touch controllers to control
the aircraft the program will crash shortly.

Running Flight sim and the headset is obviously hard work
for the computer, adding the touch condolers pushes it over the top.

Spec is an intelcore i7, NVIDA gtx970, Ram 32GB, it was built by Scan
Computers, XJS or 3 something like that.

Once you get the system running fine Ghost it, if you make
any changes after the ghost write them down, then next time you need to put the
ghost back on redo all the changes and make a second ghost.

Works for me and I run six computers , I am also 72 : )

There is also a free program called CTRALT Studio Alfa that
will bring Second Life and Kitley into the Rift, the frame rate on Second life
and Kitley is not good enough as they are server based, but if you use the
mouse to move and look around rather than moving your head it is not too bad.

In the graphics settings in CTRLALT Studio Alfa which is an
older moded version of Firestorm, go to display output and set the pixel
density to 1.5, it gets rid of a lot of the jagged lines.

God Bless Allen