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Watching other people's oculus videos through your rift?

Level 2
I don't have, and probably am not likely to have, a computer capable of playing the latest games (Half Life 2 is about comfortable) - so I'll only way off in the future get to experience the high end demos/games of now. With that said, just to witness the visuals, what actually is the effect of watching someone elses recorded oculus rift experiences (on youtube) through your own rift? Like sharing their journey, for which you are statically emersed? I mean, has anyone else tried this? Thanks!

Level 2
This is a great way to get an idea of what a demo or may look like in action.

just be aware that depending on how much action or head movement is in the domo you may feel a little off.

one of the biggest sources of feeling motion sickness in VR is movement that is not initiated via the viewer.

so if your in the cockpit of a mech and not looking all over the place, all good.

However, if your at a simulated rave and the person is swinging their head around like a twit, prepare to feel queasy
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Level 2
hmm, interesting. Perhaps it won't be so bad then.

Put it like this also, I do enjoy watching other people play games - when they're also giving narrative. I like following their adventure, and seeing the choices they make. So hopefully this would translate into watching 'rift' videos too. But I get what you're saying about the unanticipated head movement/scene changes. Although having said that, I suppose it must be someway towards this feeling, when sitting at the front of the cinema (or very close to my 3 meter wide home projector) watching any movie where there are scene changes that we aren't always anticipating, and which fill most of your field of view.

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the experience can be really cool if the camera is guided. recently I watched someones footage from Skyrim in VR with the Rift and that blew me away because it was always a steady cam moving in a predictable direction.

with other game videos it varies a lot - some work well (for example in a lot of space fighting videos it is very easy to predict where the player will be looking and it feels more natural), while others (FPS for me) really feel offsetting since there is so much unpredictable movement going on.

in every case you get a good idea of the full thing IF you already know a couple of full experiences. but I do not think it is a good way to get introduced to VR (with maybe the exception of made for VR videos like the Skyrim footage, that is pretty awesome).

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