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SDK 0.6 & above App Filter

Now that SDK 0.7 has been released and requires app content to be SDK 0.6 or above it seems obvious to me that we need a Oculus Share filter for selecting those apps that are SDK 0.6 and above.

DeanONH by Level 3
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Why do some demos work and some do not???

Hi guys Im new to Oculus. I notice that some demos work and some just do not (typically I just see the Hazardous safety info in front of me and thats it, the enter a key to proceed does nothing). This is what I am doing: unlike when I play a game , I...

dee0007 by Level 3
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OK to mirror?

Hello everybody!I just realized it takes one to three weeks for a submitted experience to be accepted. I read through the legalese, but, heh, :? I am not 100% sure.. So is it OK to set up a download mirror elsewhere? The share site is non- exclusive,...

Oculus Share

As the requirements of 0.7 will break the backwards compatibility of previous SDK versions i.e. removing Extended mode, is it not prevalent to allow the filtering of apps in the Oculus Share website to pre & post- so we can filter only this ap...

Need feedback on my Demo.

Hello! I just released a demo and its been online for a few days now. I haven't gotten as much feedback as I would like. Just a couple of comments. Nothing fancy. I want to cont. to make demos but have no idea what do come up with next and have sooo ...

Interest in a Demo

We're about to upload our first VR demo for the DK2, obviously we would like to get plenty of people using and experiencing it so we can generate meaningful responses on what's good and suggestions on how to improve.Anyone got any advice for drumming...

Submitted wrong files to Oculus Share

I accidentally submitted a zip file of my game that only has the executable, with no game data, to Oculus Share. Do I have to wait for them to reject then resubmit, or is it ok for me to do a new submission? I'm worried that if I wait it could be ano...

How to play 3d Videos inside Oculus Rift SDK 2

Hi Everyone,Am Gobi, am a Unity developer trying to implement some interesting stuffs. I just wanna play a good quality 3d video inside oculus Please note its 3D not 360 Degree. Can we achieve the extreme HQ 3D visual experience inside oculus? can an...

Can't manage to launch the VR Game Insurgent

Hi everyone, I'm not really sure where to post this, hope this is the good section !I don't know if I'm the only one having this problem, I looked it up on google but found no solution for this.For those who know the demo, when you're on the menu you...

Xivina by Level 2
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Beyond Video Games - Oculus and Real Estate

I developed my first VR app for a client a month after the DK1 launched  But now my new Oculus DK2 apps got some press! Go Oculus! Go Me!http://www.geekwire.com/2015/beyond-video-games-how-virtual-reality-is-transforming-real-estate/

Direct to Rift filter for apps

I think it should be made clear on app pages if an app is Direct to rift or not - you can't rely on developers, because most fail to mention it.I only use direct mode, as the absurd extended/flip-to-portrait nonsense is just a pain... and I'm tired o...


So I backed Technolust. I'm really looking forward to playing this game.I was receiveing email updates here and there. I also got an email with another Demo called "Thought Crimes" from them for the Oculus. Well I went to their website today to look ...

STRICK9 by Level 5
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VR Chair

Anyone recommend any good VR chairs out there that I can connect my flight stick or steering wheel to. My office chair is getting kind of boaring.

submission disappeared?

I submitted Car Car Crash to Oculus Share. It was in "submitted" status for a while and now when I check my account it just shows no submissions? Was it approved or rejected? Im getting some positive response to the game and REALLY want to target Ocu...

they need to make an app like that

https://share.oculus.com/app/the-rpg-roomhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_059JD6MIUlike this, they need to make an app for 3D modelers to use on their VR headsets when CV1 hits or make a lot of different ones like they do with the Sim City inspired ...

Can´t include YouTube video

Hello @ all,my first Application (Paddy the tiny pirate) has just been posted on the site. But when submitting, I was not able to include a youtube video nor did I manage to put it in when re-editing it. Every time I put the URL or ID in the field, i...

Herly by Level 2
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Some applications do not work on my PC

Hello everybody,I have received my DK2 but some apps don't work.VR cinéma : Display on PC OK but nothing in headset in "direct to rift"In extended desktop, the app doesn't work at allGame Nolimit 2 : I have set my headset in extended desktop, but the...

R4v3N76 by Level 2
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The new Oculus Share VR Environment (question)

Hey guys, Was wondering, with Oculus share, could a developer release several DLC / Add-ons that can be managed through their "Share" ?Also, what are the specifications for creating environments / etc... in the Share space? Please allow for a "beta b...

Why is it so hard to update on Oculus Share?

I'm James, I'm working on the Janus VR project. Set up an initial Oculus Share page and all that went very smoothly.Long ago tried to update the page, and found the request was rejected, it was reported someone at Oculus tried to run it for a particu...

Search is inadequate

The search function only searches for words in the titles of the apps. It ought to search descriptions as well. Right now you have to resort to a targeted Google search but that gives you false-positives and duplicates because it searches the localiz...

Oculus with Cycling

Hello Forum,First post, and very new to the Oculus and Oculus culture. I am a huge cyclist and was thinking of ways to meld Oculus with cycling somehow. Initially, I thought about use on intelligent trainer for indoor cycling. Example a company calle...

Best Controller for Gear VR innovator

I need some help. I just received the Gear VR innovator for my new S6. I am new to VR and wanted to know the best controller I could buy as it was not offered with one when I pre-ordered it. Thanks,Enrev

Enrev by Level 2
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For the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival, we are trying to found all movies, videos, trailer, short cut movies belongs to the fantastic genre.I thank you in advance for your collaboration !

Forum request: more links for signature

I ran into small annoyance today when editing my signature: maximum allowed link count in signature is 5. I'd like to have links to all of my vr games in my signature, but now I can't. 

Zhamul by Level 3
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8th Continent: Lunar destiny is live on Kickstarter

The non-profit moon project I started end of last year has evolved quite a bit. I think this will branch off into Steam greenlight land soon, but wanted to share where we're at. We launched a Kickstarter this week for it to help pay some of the inter...

crevver by Level 3
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Bigger character count for reviews on share.

500 characters isn't near enough.It's not so bad for "this is great" reviews, but if you're trying to point out issues or bugs with a demo to a developer or warn other users of issues a demo might have in the comments it's not nearly enough.The comme...

Oculus Share submission error

Anyone else getting an HTTP 400 error when submitting changes to Oculus Share?Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)require-jquery.js:10410 POST https://share.oculus.com/final-submit-p ... 0906XXXXXX 400 (Bad...