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Are there alot of games developed for Tech geeks over 40 years old.

Level 2
Are there alot of games developed for Tech geeks over 40 years old. So my kids got me a Quest for Fathers day.
As I traverse the games,, I see a lot cartoons or your kids games. Are serious racing games like Indy 500
or grans Turismo type racing games. 1st shooter games are getting better, so I like that. I am just hoping this game system is not just for children.
Can someone help. Also what some truly cools apps.




Level 5
As a Tech geek over 60, I highly recommend that you try out a few games like Moss, Red Matter, Espire 1 and Phantom: Covert Ops (my pick out of the previous list). I love Virtual, but I'm not a big first person shooter, but I'm also not big on just puzzle games. Need a combo of both where I'm not dying every few minutes, but I still die if I'm not careful.  If you have good enough PC to play Half Life Alyx, get Virtual Desktop and HLA. It will be the most immersive gaming experience you will ever have. The only problem is it will spoil you to the point where nothing else seems as good.
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Level 16
Do you have a PC capable of running Rift games?

If you do then try these from Steam and the Oculus Store:

Exorcist Legion VR
Superhot VR
Five Nights At Freddy's Help Wanted VR
Edge Of Nowhere
Face Your Fears
Face Your Fears II
Duck Season
Paranormal Activity Lost Soul
Wilson's Heart
Asgard's Wrath
Killing Floor Incursion
Drop Dead
Kobold Chapter 1
Lone Echo
Dead & Buried
Dead & Buried 2
The Mage's Tale
From Other Suns
The Climb
Robinson The Journey
Arizona Sunshine
Elite Dangerous
No Man's Sky
Affected The Manor
Dirt Rally
Robo Recall
Don't Knock Twice
Half Life Alyx
Skyrim VR
Fallout 4 VR
Alien Isolation VR Mod
Doom 3 BFG VR Mod

Dreadhalls and Alien Isolation VR Mod are the joint two scariest VR games out there so please take care to play them either wearing a nappy or have clean underwear handy to change into lol 😄

If you don't have a PC powerful enough to play Rift games then there are several games here in the Horror and Mystery section of the Quest Store. Some of these (Dreadhalls, Drop Dead, Face Your Fears II and Affected The Manor) are all cross-buy - so if you buy them from the Quest Store you can also download and play the same title from the Rift Store for free.
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Level 3
Though I'm a woman, I am around your age and a gamer nerd and I really enjoy "The Climb" - for exercise, to enjoy the scenery, and to face my mild fear of heights. Kids could play it just fine, but it's not a child-focused game. And, until you master the half-grip to hold with one hand, it can be quite challenging.

Skyrim, Elite Dangerous, and SuperHot all feel adult-focused to me too and are all really enjoyable and deep.