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Beware of scams

Level 2

I was on this website last week looking to purchase new controllers for my quest 2. I saw that they were having a sale! I got excited, of course. seemed too good to be true, and it was.

I purchased my controllers and a charging dock. I was excited, my kids were excited. But then it redirected me to paypal. dumb enough I entered my login and it charged my account. I wasn't redirected back to the website, I didn't get a confirmation about my order through the oculus webpage.

I contacted oculus, they said "this order sounds familiar. I'll have to contact the higher up's to figure out where your order is. it'll take 3-5 business day's." I received an email about the conversation.

Today! I received a confirmation through paypal about the order, i got my tracking number. I checked, "Delivered Yesterday" . I called my post office and he says "Youve been scammed. The tracking number you gave me was for a different order for a different customer in the same city as you." Ridiculous!

I don't think I'll be making any future purchases through oculus anytime soon.


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Sounds like you bought from one of the numerous fake sites run by scammers. (I'm not aware of any Oculus sale recently). If the website address was something like, that's not Oculus, it's a criminal gang. Only and are legitimate pages. Also if the sale was 75% off (or higher), Oculus never do that, it's fake.


What did the paypal receipt say for the seller information? I haven't used paypal with Oculus, but for credit card purchases the seller is listed as Facebook Technologies Ireland Ltd

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Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey, we're very sorry to hear this has happened and we strongly encourage you to work with your financial institution in regards to this. Our official and only website to buy product directly is, and you can also click here and scroll down to 'Find a Retailer' to check out our list of authorized third-party sellers. We do not and have not operated any websites under any other addresses.

Level 4 the old saying goes......."if it sounds too good to be true.....".......

Im surprised alarm bells didnt start wringing when you saw that Oculus were having a sale and yet no prior notification email or website info was released. I take it you didnt check for the security padlock in the address bar?. Dont trust any website selling something that doesnt have one!. If you ever suspect a website being a scam just hover your mouse over any link on that website and check the address of where that link will take you. If it is not related to the Company you are supposed to be purchasing from, then you know its a scam. It is very easy to be caught out with these types of scams. The scammers set up an identicallooking website which are basically copies of the pages from the real website but then alter the links to the shopping cart and checkout to link to their own accounts or similar. Once you have completed the deal, it will usually re-direct you back to the start page of the real website so that you think its all legit.

By the way,....its a bit unfair to be blaming Oculus for your mistake..... don't you think?

@LANA3085 wrote:

I don't think I'll be making any future purchases through oculus anytime soon.