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Group Hug

Level 12

Love you all, just saying

// sits back and waits for the arguments to start

This is my forum signature.
There are many others like it, but this is mine.

Level 13

vannagirl said:

Atmos73 said:

Are we all included? 

yes ofc
but we some of us glitch and skip or miss the hug,

well you know why

I went to hug Atmos once but ended up in his crotch (don't tell those guys in that other thread)!

My tracking is perfect, honest!   B)

Level 12
I heard the guys in that other thread are arguing for the sake of it
This is my forum signature.
There are many others like it, but this is mine.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Arguing for the sake of it?! That surely would never happen, not on the internet!!

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Level 12
no one here would lie of tracking

now I have a wall to walk into ty!!


fun thing to know, i turn off guardian, it annoys me and the excitement of grabbing something sometimes is a lot more fun then the other thread admits,

i accidental grab the top of my sofa in Arizona Sunshine while running from zombies, wow that was immersive !"!
Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

Level 8
My excitement waned when playing Eleven and while swinging for an off table shot I managed to launch a pint of squash across the room resulting in a sticky mess and a hundred glass shards. It's still off as I live on the edge 🙂 I am however more aware of my boundaries.

Respect for the hugathon, peace and love everyone.