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How to gain connections?

Level 4

Hi, Alex again.

It's been years since I posted here because there are many things that I tried doing myself when nothing is working. I tried esports. Only made it to one event and never qualified for another event again. I tried game-streaming on Twitch to gain friends and connections. Didn't work. Took forever and nothing else was happening for days. Even got taken advantage of by another streamer. I tried music production. That's still in development with something coming in a few months. I have been really bored due to this pandemic, so I am wondering about how to gain connections to support or help as much people as possible.


Everybody I tried to hang out and play games with ghosted me at a certain point.

I don't even know what to do for more people to relate to me at all.

So I need suggestions. I want good connections, not people who would take advantage of me on purpose or treat me poorly.


Also, to remind, the first posts that I made on this forum are not who I am. I attempted to remove the comments along with the thread, but the entire thread hasn't been removed. A mod would have to delete the entire thread. I'm being treated horribly outside of here because of the first posts in here, so I need that thread removed. I have changed greatly, but still feel depressed in the process. I'm trying to move forward from everything in the past, but more worse things are happening now than previously. Nothing makes me happy anymore.


I still want to develop a game, even if it isn't a VR game. However, I would need a team as support or else I would lose it mentally.


How do I gain connections? Note that I can't visit physical places as I'm poor and don't own a car. I want to avoid going to hangout spots like bars as well as there are too many unvaccinated people there that could get me sick. I would rather figure out how to gain connections ENTIRELY ONLINE instead of physically so I can become more successful without having to go to random physical places to find people who relate to what I want to make or can help. I don't have a job either and only go to college and all the people at my college are unlively as heck, aren't open to anything, and treat me like garbage (I can't go to the college physically either anymore because it's a drive away, not a walk away, and my mother who purposefully limited me to not get a driver's license keeps going to bars every day with her car, so I'm just stuck inside the house like always trying to get out of it).


I want to make the world a better place instead of it already becoming worse, so please, help me find a way to gain connections. I tried everything that I think I could do and nothing is working.



Alex Ashburn




Sounds like a rough reality, keep moving!


What was your most recent app launches?


Try Blades & Sorcery, or Resist,


Update to v34,


Quest your Horizons!



Oculus all day long! Data all day night!