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Logged out

Level 2

When i wanted to play some vr it gave me an error and all my games and friends were gone, when i went to the Oculus app it said i was logged out and i had to log in again, but my password doesn't work


Can anyone help me pls


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! We're currently investigating reports of account issues, including log-outs and missing app libraries. Thank you for your patience while the team is working to resolve this issue. 

Level 2

its also like that for me and the only way that i can is if my mom with the only account thats not logget off so i start casting and then i get my acc but only in a short time but pls fix it thx


I'm having the same issues have for some days now. Please fix quickly this is so unfair to us. We deserve swift correction as soon as humanly possible 

Level 3

I also happened to come across such an issue but it somehow got fixed without my help. Hopefully, it won't happen again because I love playing VR and I don't want to depend on errors. Of course, I can play interesting games like this chinese board game when I have issues with my Oculus but I also want it to work properly.