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Meta Quest + Heart Transplant + Hospital ICU

Level 2

Hi, my name is Wayne and I wanted to write you guys to express my gratitude for your platform.


My son was diagnosed with heart failure about 7 months and we have been living in a hospital ICU while we wait for a heart transplant. Adjusting to this new living arrangement was very difficult at first. Due to COVID-19 restrictions with visitation, only Mom and Dad are allowed to see him at the hospital. My son went through a period of social isolation where he was unable to interact with other kids his age.


However, our lives completely changed when we brought a Meta Quest headset into the ICU. Your gaming platform has enabled him to escape the confines of his ICU hospital room to explore exciting new worlds. But perhaps more importantly, he is now able to meet new friends and play with them. Virtual Reality has been incredibly socially enriching for us during our hospital journey. The road to a heart transplant is long and difficult, but your platform has been a powerful blessing and made the journey more bearable.


Through this experience, I have also grown closer with my son through countless hours spent gaming together. I wanted to let you guys know that the Meta Quest has had a profound impact on our lives and that we tremendously appreciate you all for the beautiful experiences that my family gets to share together. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the encouragement, @wanusmaximus! I'll pass it along to the team as they love hearing feedback. There are some great new social presence features rolling out with software version 41 we hope your family and friends can enjoy. 

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