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New Poll ! Should we ban smooth turning in VR games and accept reality?

Level 7
There has been much debate over the last 1 year with myself. I cant decide whether other people agree, therefore further analysis needs to be undertaken.
I am seeking a sample of Oculus VR players within the Oculus forums to assist.
If answering this question causes distress, please call 911 immediately and seek medical assistance. 

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
I've traditionally preferred snap-turning, but recently I've switched over to smooth turning in SkyrimVR and Fallout4VR since they added the option (I use the maximum turning speed for greater comfort). I still tap the stick to turn in small increments, but now I have more control over how far I turn. Options = good.

Holding the stick to one side and spinning on the spot would make me dizzy and ill, but it would do that in real life too.

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Level 8
What do you mean by "....and accept reality" ?

Why remove the option and restrict people from their own choice?

Level 7

What do you mean by "....and accept reality" ?

Why remove the option and restrict people from their own choice?

Good question...accept reality?...if I wanted to do that I wouldn't stick a Virtual Reality headset on my face.
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Level 9
I absolutely hate snap-turning - but I don't have any issues with nausea or motion sickness. So no don't get rid of smooth turning - it makes me feel that much more immersed in the environment.
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What is reality?  Does this forum exist when I log out of it?   Do I exist, or am I merely a figment of my own sad imaginings?
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Well smooth turning isn't going anywhere for my game. I'm going to have an optional vignette for locomotion, an optional vignette for turning and snap turning as an option but that's all the concessions I'm going to make for people that suffer from sim sickness.

I'm also going to experiment with having IK and a full body for players too, but that's going to be a bit of a pain in the arse when the player picks stuff up. We'll see how it goes I guess.

Level 5
For me, it depends how smooth turning is implemented.
If it's on mouse, I'm mostly fine for a while, as long as mouse dictates speed.

If it's on joystick, for the love of god, please, let me choose the speed at which I rotate!
I only have issues with smooth rotation when it is set to a specific speed.

Level 7
The reason why they put flick turning on is so you dont get motion sickness. I get motion sickness.. 
The programmers know it but still ignore it. You couldnt play robo recall on smooth turning.
It is lazy and slack of them 

Smooth turning with MOTION.. not just standing still.. hope that makes sense.

Level 13
Face reality?  I certainly hope they do.  That reality would be that we need options because some people hate smooth turning and some people hate snap turning, so give them the option to chose what works best for them.  I like snap turn and smooth turn makes me feel sick, but that's not the case with everyone.