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Oculus Quest 2 Windows 11 Performance. can never hit maximum FPS with link cable.

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I decided to give windows 11 a go and everything on my PC is working flawlessly apart from one big one... Oculus Link performance. Before I go back to windows 10 I wonder if anyone has figured this out already.


Oculus software works fine and the Quest 2 link connects, but it can never hit the required fps settings no matter what they are. So if I have link set to 90hz, then in game it will be about 82-85fps and stuttering, it never hits 90fps even though the game says its locked at 90 on my monitors no problem, and I have loads of headroom in performance monitor (I have a 5900x and RTX 3090!) - If i use the 120hz option then i will get about 105fps but never 120. Even if i choose 72hz ill get about 65fps. super annoying.


I went onto the beta channel on the software and got the latest updates but still no luck.


I dont mind going back to windows 10 and i get windows 11 might not be ready yet, but literally EVERYTHING else on my pc works fine, only the vr performance, so its a shame. Any ideas of things to try before I reinstall windows 10?

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So I'm coming back from this and I started to have frame drops again then I had to think why. I recently picked up a used rift on the day link fixed itself so I tried something. For whatever reason when I have the CV1 connected to my pc while using Oculus Link on my Quest 2 it magically runs smooth again. Any other Rift users want to try this?

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I’ve been able to achieve more stability by lowering the frame rate in the oculus app to 72hz and giving the OVRServer process “High” priority

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Maybe it can be of help to someone else: the console tip doesn't work if you install windows terminal and choose it as default terminal app: it only works if the console windows is run as a windows console host (classic command prompt)

So, it's been a week that you told us about the "legendary engineering team"  and nothing happend. Not even on the public beta channel. Even AMD and MS were able to work out the issues by now....

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Yea three and a half months is majorly stupid. So many customers will be moving to windows 11 every day now it’s fully released and will not be happy.


I’ve just ordered a reverb g2.. hopefully that’s a bit better on windows 11. 😂 

This one workaround works for me too. Crazy how you find this one out. Thank you. 

Hopefully the official fix will arrive soon. 

I wanted to post here too to corroborate everything that you were saying here.  The actual show console thing did the trick.  It was IMPOSSIBLE for me to play Lone Echo II properly, the stuttering was a complete hot mess, even lowering resolution to minimum and reducing refresh to 72hz, it was not that.  


I also experienced stuttering on Oculus Home so it must be another thing. Tried drivers, tried update Windows 11, nothing, until I tried this fix.  Now everything is butter-smooth.  I can even run Lone Echo II at 90Hz at 1.1X resolution, which looks amazing and I don't get a single stutter.


Oculus... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?.  DELIVER AN UPDATE ASAP.  If a user could find the problem why don't you?. You earn millions off our sales,  get your acts together!!
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I can also confirm after upgrading to Windows 11, the only way to play Oculus games over Link is to enable the server console and keep it focused. Otherwise around 5%-7% of all frames are dropped.

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I dare say that even if this is a problem.  The actual performance after doing the console thing is stellar.  I can play much better than I could before on Windows 10.  Seems like the only real issue is that they somehow forgot to set the priorities correctly on Windows 11.

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I found that along with having the console window running, minimizing the game window so that it's not showing on the desktop really helps and makes it exactly the same as Windows 10.