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Oculus Quest help people with disabilities

Level 3

To whom it may concern, I'm an incomplete paraplegic that uses a manual wheelchair. I've scrimpt and saved for months to be able purchase an Oculus Quest 2 with 256 GB with the elite strap with battery. I was purchasing it and was going to share it within my group of disabled wheelchair users, to improve our physical and mental health, as well as the social aspects of being able to see family and friends.

Then someone stole my fully custom Ti Lite wheelchair from my porch while my aid unloaded the vehicle from running errands. We found it a few hours later and a few streets away, damaged! The thieves took it for a joy ride and broke my Ti Lite's carbon fiber rear axle and wheels! Needless to say, I needed my wheelchair fixed asap and thus I can't purchase the Oculus Quest 2 set up so I can get exercise, be able to see friends and family with it and play some games. I was purchasing it to test it for my spinal cord injury friends/group. I saw on my Facebook today in the reels, that you've sent free ones to teens that are "influencers" that didn't even request it, while disabled folks like myself have to purchase your products that could be beneficial to our physical and mental health. Is there a chance that you all could send this set up to me so that I may try it and share it with my disabled friends? I'd like to be able to make posts about it and write articles about it to my spinal injury groups. PM for my personal contact information.