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Official "Thank you, kojack" Thread

Level 15
It's 2am for Mr. Kojack right now, but he was kind enough to wake up and save the forum from the spambot attack.

Post your kindest 'thank you' meme's, here. Hooray!


Level 11
What happened?
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Level 15
Thanks @kojack. I try to give everyone a chance (or a second or third chance) but almost always I am reminded why they were banned in the first place. 
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Hi, Kojack. 

Long story short, only reason I'm here is because I discovered your AutoOculusTouch code. I was a 3D modeler, rigger and "you name it" for over a decade. After finding AOT, I actually learned to code in auto hot key. I created a script using it and would like to learn more. In fact, I've been compiling the OpenXR loader into a DLL to see if I can expand on AutoOculusTouch to include more VR hardware using OpenXR. Not sure if you can provide a direction to start looking to decipher the functions.


The link is my first script ever and I'm so happy with it. If you have any tips, please let me know. You've inspired me into learning, even as a retired artist...coding.


I have a question, however. Despite my best efforts, I can't get the Dash's copied cursor to toggle off in anyway when playing.

I can't stress enough how much I appreciate you introducing me to something I find so much enjoyment in.