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Palantir Lonsdale RAPES chick? WTF? (Big Oculus Investor)

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Oh I tried to warn padawan, that those feminazi would come for him, peter nolan tried to warn, the youth, they think they know it all, don't need to listen to us old guys. Well I don't know the facts of the case, but it involves someone big in oculus history.

Me and Palmer fighting over Joey boy! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Well about a year ago, me and palmer had a VERY FAMOUS arguement on Palantir Co-Founder Lonsdale, me saying I was so sad to see OPEN SOURCE HMD projects go up under government spooks under the martinlandau account. Him saying Joe was a nice guy. I don't know, I do know I keep preaching about and how VR futures can free us in some ways from tyranny, and enslave us in others. So as this story plays out, from someone who was big in OCULUS history, lets see what dreams may come? ๐Ÿ™‚ Was tesla right? Have we got a society where billions of men will be destroyed by the matriarchal empire?
like Norbert weiner said too as we automated (he was godfather of cybernetics at MIT) Electric Light Orchesta singing EVIL WOMAN!? (I don't know the facts of the case, but I love this song) (kevin and I are trying to help Padawan)

BWHAHAHAHAHA! LOL! HAR HAR HAR! DUMBFUCKS! Should have listened to me! ๐Ÿ˜‰


LOL! She sing REVENGE is better than money or sex! I watch patrick stewart in movie called MOBY DICK, and then watch him him star trek movie about REVENGE on borg (a play on moby dick) and then I watch Khan on Star trek 2 about MOBY DICK (uss enterprise was the white whale) Oh nathaniel hawthorne, dont they have some new movie coming out about REVENGE on whales? Watch those ladiers you coders! THEY LIKE REVENGE!

Reminds me, I was watching movie awards, and george clooney, I met him personally in atlantic city one night, at a sub place at the casinos there, and I like that guy, he was my hero, he tell me he NEVER getting married (he made some movie about silly marriage with zeta jones) so I am like YAH GEORGE! High five brudder! Then I see him on academy awards, and he get introduced not as MR and MRS george clooney, but him the bitch to the human rights lawyer wife, so I think tesla right, matriarchal empire HERE! SAVE US PALMER! VR SEX BOTS!

Level 2 I am just reading them now! WOW! Tesla said MATRIARCHAL EMPIRE would KILL BILLIONS of men, coders, programmers, VR pioneers, all DEAD! BE CAREFUL GUYS, palmer and I maybe fight over lots of issues and debate (I was state champion for debate in my state, I hear palmer a pretty good debater too) but I think all of us can agree, UNFAIR LAWS suck, and be in jail from false rape allegations suck, and our court system says PRESUME INNONCE until guilt is for SURE, so lets see where the rabbit hole goes, morpheus has advice

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Ok in message he say she was crazy, I used to go to 4chan a lot, they say NEVER stick your d**K in crazy, cause it always gonna cum back to bite your azz! So how do we get free from human programming that is bilions of years old from evolution? VR and Haptic and robot stuff for sure can help lots guys (and girls too) Here is willem dafoe as male sex robot for an old granny. Jessica Valenti coming for your ballz! Those that don't know, the feminists showed up at oculus connect to crush carmack ballz, and palmer and abrash ballz too, and peter my friend from IBM try to warn them, I try to warn them, but they don't need ANYONE, they gonna take on those ball crushers ALL BY THEMSELVES! Goodluck abrash, palmero, and carmy, tesla said divided we fall, united we just MIGHT stand, but oh well, they know it all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Level 2
My uncle freaking over this! I bet when he learns more he cant wait to tell joe wilson!

So Anyways, I always like to play devils advocate, and even devils advocate to the devils advocate (see how that recursion fugg up old programmers? LOL!

Ms. Clougherty described being abused and
psychologically manipulated by the medical staff there, including by isolation and deprivation of
food and water (much as she would later accuse Mr. Lonsdale of isolating her and depriving her of
food in the Complaint): Here is about judges through crony BS being paid to hurt kids, lock them up illegally, so that private prisons can keep getting money from the state maybe, I know jesse jackson talk about this a lot, how EVIl it was for private prisons, Mosler tell me this too, that congress need to stop private prisons, we should NEVER make it profitable to lock up humans. So I used to do IBM networking jobs at some psychiatric facilities, I met a few psychiatrists, they have nice 50K a year golf memberships, and new porsche, and kids that have expensive yale and harvard college stuff, wife that make imelda marcos shoe collection look puny by comparison, etc etc and I wont name names, but yah, just like the private prison stuff, they were doing things that were very unethical for PROFIT, what is the old saying, follow the money? And the love of money is the root of all evil, so its possible this chick really got fugged by an EVIL SYSTEM and fell through the cracks, but I am not a lawyer, wow, that Lonsdale met her at a bar though, and then let her come to a class where he was basically teaching, in this CLIMATE? and courts system! He was weak! But we all weak sometimes, and she young girl, and human nature being what it is, just more PROOF we live in a complicated society, I remember watching movie Cherry 2000, where you have to sign contracts even to kiss someone! FREEDOM BABY! I just watch 40 year old virgin the other night with steve carrel, HILARIOUS! Anyways who watch movie SUCKERPUNCH? About girl in mental facility who do all kinds of crazy things to deal with reality! I know so many humans that have so many problems, sometimes maybe it just better to crawl into elite dangerous and pretend to be a hero than go volunteer at VA hospital and help real heroes.

Level 2

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In other news, Oculus is developing a tin foil Rift that covers your entire body.
Not a Rift fanboi. Not a Vive fanboi. I'm a VR fanboi. Get it straight.

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Lonsdale is facing true destruction from possible lies and unfair courts. Where is the tin foil hat conspiracy? I don't get your jab at my sanity? Anyways I mention what dreams may come earlier. I know I have to be very clear and slow with small brains here to tie things together for them that was clear for me so here goes. In that Robin Williams movie his mate is crazy too like this girl. He abandon her like Lonsdale abandon this crazy gorl. In movie girl suicide. Let's see if she don't win case and don't get money what happens in future. Will she suicide? Robin Williams suicide. Maybe he should have watch his own movie? Or maybe like that movie he should not have abandoned crazy girl. Will follow up with mandy pantinkin princess bride revenge idea shortly