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Palmer is alive!

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UploadVR just released an article covering Palmer answering questions in court today... for those 2 or 3 people a bit to obsessed with anything Oculus/Luckey like myself.

I read this morning that Palmer showed up to court today along with Mark Z. He was reportedly rocking a bright pink tie. Perhaps this doesn't seem all that newsworthy but this is literally the first sighting or report of Palmer I have found in months.

I miss reading about Oculus in the early days and watching Palmer talking about VR with so much excitement. These next few weeks will be interesting as well, regardless of how things turn out I hope that the Zenimax and Oculus business can all finally be settled and we can hopefully enjoy more VR in the future!


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What's politics? Some gratuitous shots of flip flops here mods. Please close the thread!!!!
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Techy111 said:

I heard Palmer has moved to Texas ?


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I do wish people would keep their politics to themselves. There are some forum members who I previously considered perfectly nice people, but now I suspect them of being crackpot weirdos.

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kevink808 said:

In before the lock!!  😄


Hi Mom!!!! 😛
Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

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JesseDeya said:

Seeing as you brought it up pal, 8 and 4 years ago that wasn't courtesy being extended by kind hearted Republicans such as yourself. The fact is there was nothing about Obama even close, not even in the same ball park, not even in the same damn dimension as Trump's crazy, dangerous, offensive, xenophobic, intolerant, bigoted, irrefutably-flat-out lying, egotistical, ignorant, and clearly malignant narcissism.

 Oh yeah, Obama bugging the phone and spying on a candidate for president and violating his constitutional rights to privacy were no big deal!  

Also, empowering the CIA to do the same to the rest of us!

(WikiLeaks Vault 7)