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Pancake games worth playing Thread

Level 15

VR Gaming renewed my interest in standard gaming. Before I received my Rift CV1 back in 2016, I was out of gaming for many years. I had a long gaming career with titles such as:

  • WarCraft II
  • Myst, Riven
  • Stonekeep
  • Diablo, Diablo 2
  • StarCraft
  • The Thief series
  • Dark Age of Camelot (MMORPG)
  • Sacrifice
  • Battlefield 1942

And a plethora of other titles that would take me forever to list. 


It was shortly after I retired form playing MMORPG's that my gaming enthusiasm started to dwindle. Anytime I would load up a game, I was more interested in DOTA: League of Legends. But even with that I was very casual.


Eventually I just stopped gaming altogether for nearly a decade. 

But then the Rift hits the shelves and just like that... I'm a gamer again.


After about 4 years of VR gaming (2016-2020), I started to realize that I have played through most of the compelling titles available. I have never been one to "game for the sake of gaming." I always need to find and enjoy cult classics, hidden gems, and the "best of the best."


I eventually returned to standard pancake gaming; and thanks to many suggestions from members of this community, I was able to enjoy titles that I had missed during my near 10-year gaming hiatus.


Titles such as The Metro and Xcom series'.


So with all that in mind, I figure it may be worthwhile starting a thread to see what other titles people may recommend.


I will start with the titles that I am playing right now:

  • Manifold Garden (unique puzzler)
  • The Pillar's of Earth (adventure story/narrative game)
  • Hades (one of the best Rogue-style games I've ever played)