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Pancake games worth playing Thread

Level 15

VR Gaming renewed my interest in standard gaming. Before I received my Rift CV1 back in 2016, I was out of gaming for many years. I had a long gaming career with titles such as:

  • WarCraft II
  • Myst, Riven
  • Stonekeep
  • Diablo, Diablo 2
  • StarCraft
  • The Thief series
  • Dark Age of Camelot (MMORPG)
  • Sacrifice
  • Battlefield 1942

And a plethora of other titles that would take me forever to list. 


It was shortly after I retired form playing MMORPG's that my gaming enthusiasm started to dwindle. Anytime I would load up a game, I was more interested in DOTA: League of Legends. But even with that I was very casual.


Eventually I just stopped gaming altogether for nearly a decade. 

But then the Rift hits the shelves and just like that... I'm a gamer again.


After about 4 years of VR gaming (2016-2020), I started to realize that I have played through most of the compelling titles available. I have never been one to "game for the sake of gaming." I always need to find and enjoy cult classics, hidden gems, and the "best of the best."


I eventually returned to standard pancake gaming; and thanks to many suggestions from members of this community, I was able to enjoy titles that I had missed during my near 10-year gaming hiatus.


Titles such as The Metro and Xcom series'.


So with all that in mind, I figure it may be worthwhile starting a thread to see what other titles people may recommend.


I will start with the titles that I am playing right now:

  • Manifold Garden (unique puzzler)
  • The Pillar's of Earth (adventure story/narrative game)
  • Hades (one of the best Rogue-style games I've ever played)





Level 2

I've been into shooters for a long time, and I can tell you that I still play them, just not that often, they're not as entertaining as they used to be.

Level 3

Do you know what I usually do when a game gets boring to me? I just get cheats and play with them for a while, and that's it. I can tell you that it improves the gaming experience a lot, and you can check out this site to see the cheats and decide whether it's for you or not. But I think it's worth giving a shot.

Oculus Support
Oculus Support

I was a biiiiig PC gamer in high school and fell off of it for a while during college (Twitter has kinda filled that void lol) but what's really gotten me back in it is retro gaming and collecting. The classics hold up!

Now you're playing with power...SUPER power!

Level 3

gonna try pancakes again