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Play Apple Music on Quest?

Level 2
Can I play Apple Music songs and visualize it on Quest? Or do I have to download Apple Music to mp3 with TunesKit Audio Converter

Level 2

You cannot play Apple Music songs on Quest (or other non-Apple platforms) directly because the songs are DRM-protected. You should use a tool to convert the songs to MP3. I have not used TunesKit and did not know its function. If you want to convert the songs without causing quality loss, I would recommend you DumpMedia. And you will find that it is user-friendly. Below are some steps for your reference.

1.Choosing The Songs in Apple Music Format to Convert

On the left column of the interface, you can view all the iTunes playlists. Tap on the playlist and choose the songs that you want to convert by marking them on the checkbox.

2.Select MP3 as The Output Format

Generally, the Apple Music Converter by DumpMedia can support up to 8 output types which include MP3, AC3, M4A, M4R, AIFF, FLAC, AU, and MKA. Simply go to the “Output Format” option and designate MP3 as the format.

3.Start The Process of Converting

The last step is to tap on the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion process of Apple Music song to MP3. Simply wait until the conversion finishes.

Once it displays “Finish” in Status, it indicates that the song is successfully converted. Simply tap on the “Open File” knob to locate all the converted songs in your local folder.

Level 2

If you want to play Apple Music on Quest, then you need to get Apple Music as plain audio files and Quest supported audio formats first. To do that, you can use the Audio Converter for Windows to help you. By using this program, you can easily get Apple Music as local files on your computer. Then you can move the Apple Music songs to Quest or other devices for using directly. For more info, please check DRmare website.

Level 2

This is also what I look for in terms of music and klingeltöne samsung. They are wonderful and fascinating to us

Level 2

You actually can if you connect to your PC using airline or virtual desktop. Then you can play anything your windows os can play. 

EDIT: my auto-correct wrote airline when I typed Airlink.