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Referral credit for new (60 year old) user

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My son sent a Facebook referral message to me to get $30 credit in the oculus app store if I bought a headset. In July I visited my son and played with his headset for a week. I decided I wanted to buy my own. I waited until the 128gb version released and bought it on August 24. I set up my oculus account on August 25.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I had to click the link in my son’s referral message before setting up my account and my new device in order to give us both credit for the referral. I am 60 and barely use Facebook and although tech savvy I guess not so much?

This was an honest mistake that I didn’t click the link before set up, but it was the most honest form of a referral: My son introduced me to VR with his oculus and I got hooked!

I have contacted support about this but they don’t understand and my son tried support chat for 2 hours and got no where…

It seems silly to me that we will lose out on the referral App Store credit just because I didn’t understand the order to do things, and I don’t use Facebook much.

If oculus support cannot help us, I may return my device, buy a new one, but use my daughter’s  facebook to activate it so we can get the referral correctly! It’s the principal of the thing now…

What do people think, let it go or return this headset? Why can’t support see the issue and just fix this? I fear support will become an issue the more the older folks get hooked and they will get a bad reputation fast! But maybe they don’t care? It’s called goodwill and customer service, is that really gone?