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Retiring from mod

Level 8
I didn't really know the best way to do this but because this community was quite kind to me I thought I would post about this publicly. Basically this thread is just to say that I am retiring from my Volunteer Moderator position. Not like I ever did much -.- Honestly very quickly after I was given the position my life got flipped upside down. I sent the other mods a message saying I'd be out of commission for a while but that I intended to come back. However I can see that's not gonna happen now. There is just too much going on in my life. Way too much for a single thread. Just about everything that could possibly go wrong is or has and I'm well beyond my ability to handle it and honestly I'm not gonna do very well if it continues like this. I'm scared for myself and my future because I simply cannot do all this. I've had a LOT of help from my friends, but it's still not enough. It's a scenario designed for me to fail, honestly. That's just how the stars aligned so to speak. The world is cruel like that sometimes.

VR was to be my escape from this unreasonable real world but it's gotten so unreasonable that I haven't even put on my Rift in over a month. On top of that it's having issues with a dim screen and I still cannot stop the damned lenses from scratching. Something's up there as my friends have checked and they do not have the issue. IDK if my lenses missed some kind of coating or what. But I have treated that thing like a child. I have babied it in every way possible. Yet my lenses literally look like someone took sandpaper to them >_< I intend to open a support ticket about it but honestly I haven't had time.

So that's that. I'm sorry I wasn't a very useful mod lol. I was kind of afraid of this when I accepted. I knew a lot of things were on the verge of happening and if they did I would have no time for it at all. Well... they did. Either way I'm still appreciative of the support I got from you guys when I shared my very personal story. And I'm sorry I never made that hat eating video XD. I wish you all the best and if things ever settle down in my life maybe I will start appearing here again!

Now I will ping @cybereality just so he knows what's up.
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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
@Blyss4226  Hey .... rather than saying good bye and waving you off on your journey train, please keep in mind you have people who support you here. If there is ever anyone you'd like to talk to, or have a chat online or anything, you always have us. Drop me a PM if you need anything.
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Be kind to one another 🙂

Level 16
Sorry to hear that, bro. Life is definitely a roller-coaster, though very much an uphill battle. So don't worry too much if things get down, they'll get better eventually.

No worries if you don't have time to mod. I'll switch your access back, but feel free to reach out at any time if you wish to resume the position.
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Level 16
Remembering lifes little moments is great therapy

Level 16
Oh man, @Zenbane. I haven't seen that one in a while. Classic.
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Level 5
Blyss I hope your situation will be better soon. I wish you the best. I always enjoyed reading your posts. Remember, after a downhill road there will always be an uphill one.

Regarding your lens problem try to order lens holder from the vr lens lab guys. With them you won't need to clean the dammed rift lenses that often.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
All my very best wishes mate, please pop in and let us know how things are going with you 😉
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Level 11
This hits home, as I was very close to having things go south and not getting the rift at all. Hope things get better for you, like others have said, you're not alone you just have to reach out and you'll find a shoulder to lean on.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Hey Blyss, sooner or later things will improve, and like LZ & Cyber say this community is here when you need it... whether you're a mod or not I hope you'll pay a visit anyway! ...if for no other reason than to see how LZ gets on with the montage he's putting together of our beshirted splendour

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Level 5
Some 'have chosen to become jailers, and keepers, and executioners, and fasteners of chains...'

Some, like that Bollockski bloke, actually pleaded to become a jailer. He revels in it.

Some find it all too much, break down, and beg for forgiveness.

Level 13
Forget the modding Blyss, just keep posting and tackle whatever issues you have over time.

Hopefully the Rift issues get sorted too - at least you have it documented - i think you were the first to open a thread about it some time ago?

Good luck!