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Shipping questions + "contact us" problem

Level 2
Hey there!
I was lucky enough, to grab one Rift S from yesterday's stock, but I have two questions:

-I saw that you do not ship to Hungary, so I ordered it to Austria, to a friend, who will send it my way after it arrives. My question is, that is it possible some way, to ship it directly to me, or we have to stick with this plan.

-My card was not charged. I have the right amount of money on it, available, and my card details were added correctly (I could see the temporary confirmation transaction), so no problem there. Will it be charged after the actual shipping, or did something go wrong?
I received the confirmation e-mail, so it seems that my order went through.

And one additional comment: I can't use the "" link at the "contact us" page, it leads to "page not found"

Thanks for your answers in advance!
Balint Szucs

Level 2
Not sure if you've had this answered yet, I'm kind of curious myself. I don't believe you will be charged until the item is scanned out from their shipping team.