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Smart home

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Have you ever heard about the idea of a smart home? Can anybody explain it to me? As I understand, it is a system of several devices with different technologies. For example, the door detects if you closed it or not and notifies you through an application to do it (or maybe does it by itself). I should also mention the opportunity to control your pets through the screen of your phone when you are out. By the way, I do the same with the Ajax app. So, is that all called a smart home or not?


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Basically, a smart home is a home where certain aspects are programmed to happen automatically. This can be for example lightning, heating, shutters, entertainment systems such as TV and radio or protection systems such as a camera. Your appliances are all connected to a software, which you can use to control them. There are quite a few different systems on the market by now, each with their specific advantages and challenges. So if you want to get one, I would do some research first. Alternatively, you can control certain systems such as cameras via your phone. I am not sure if I would already call that a smart home, though. Also, I am not sure what exactly you mean by „control your pets“? Can you elaborate on that?
I am by no means an expert on the topic, I just did some research after reading an article on IP cameras a while ago when looking for a new camera to protect my home. (If you want to read it as well, you can find it here: It’s in German, but you can easily translate it with Google or DeepL, if you’re interested). Most of these products are controlled via an App, so I got to thinking what else I could control with my phone and down the Internet rabbit hole I went.

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Smart home or smart home system is a home / apartment equipped with advanced automatic systems for controlling lighting, temperature, multimedia, security, curtains, doors and many other features are aimed at making life more and more comfortable, safe and contribute to the rational use of resources.

Smart homes use Internet-connected devices to remotely manage and monitor devices and systems such as lights and temperatures.
Smart Home technology, also known as Home Automation, provides homeowners with safety, comfort, convenience and energy savings by allowing them to control their smart device by a smart home app on a smartphone or other network-connected device. Part of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home systems and devices often work together, share user data, and automate priority-based actions. of the owner.

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There are special smart home ecosystems in order to carry out autonomous life and control your home by itself, and what you are talking about is more like a smart security system. I've heard of similar features in the ajax security system. If you are interested, you can read more about it in the Internet, there is a lot of information on the subject. The main thing for you is to watch your pets through the smartphone screen, right? This functionality is available in this application of the security system. This should probably help you. I hope I was helpful.