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So... How is everyone?

Level 2
😛 Ok, truth is, I wanted to be first post in one of the forums...

That said, I am working on trying to make a vr glove that will work in conjunction with the oculus. Hopefully Unity quits being a pain.

Level 4
Trying to devour UDK tutorials while waiting for my Rift here 🙂

I used to be a hobbyist coder, but a job I ended up with killed my enthusiasm for programming many years ago. The Rift has got me fired back up again, and I have an idea for a small simple project to get me started.

I was going to use Unity originally, but needing Pro for Rift support made me take a look at UDK, and I must admit, I'm rather impressed with it.
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Level 2
What sort of VR Glove are you using?

I have a P5 Glove which I am keen to hook up with the Oculus.

Level 2
I'm building mine from scratch XD. My idea isn't so much just a glove, but an entire armature. It will not only have hand rotation, finger bending, etc, but will also do extending your arm and lifting your arm.

I don't know if I'll get anywhere with it past just being a little thing I do for personal use, but it'd be awesome to get it in a nice environment, and maybe even send the data through a network to have a social environment where people can look and point at things in the game world.

Level 15
I'm doing good actually.

I've been dreaming of building a proper data-glove myself, just been pretty busy (as always). There's really nothing remotely affordable the fits the bill. The P5 glove is pretty poor. Granted, the flex sensors work decently, but the position/orientation tracking is horrible. It only works good if you hold your hand in one particular position. Hopefully there will be some progress in this space.

Also, the Razer Hydra is probably as good as it gets for now.
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Level 2
Yeah, I bought the P5 years ago and found when I tried to use it my arm got tired very quickly trying to hold it in the same spot.

The Razer Hydra is interesting, I was watching some YouTube videos of it the other night, I see the SDK is available through Steam, that is a nice touch. Might pick one of those up in the next couple of weeks.

It has been a sunny weekend in Melbourne, most enjoyable, although I spent far too much time assembling flat pack furniture!

Level 3

Not so good, I can’t hook my Oculus Quest 2 up to my Pc because the Oculus Link desktop software won’t let me log in to it, making it completely useless, and tech support wasn’t of much help at all and now I’m kinda frustrated 

Level 7

Speaking for myself... just dandy