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Strong VR Showing at CES 2022

Level 15


Really good to see some loving for VR on the isle of CES - even though the show was seriously impacted by the new variant, there was still an effort from some to present what is seen the next-gen of headsets and immersion.

This is a very simple rundown of what we are reporting:

- Commercial (SeriousVR) took space on the show floor with the new VRgineer XTAL-3

- HTC still going strong, showing of their full range, and launched a new wrist tracking system

- Sony revealed the tech specs of the PSVR2, though no price or date, exclusives revealed

- Goertek reveal they are fabricating Meta Cambria, PSVR2 and Apple VR.MR systems now

- Panasonic subsidiary Shiftall revealed their ultra-light microOLED headset

- Qualcomm partners with Microsoft on far reaching VR and MR chipset development

Meta decided at the last minute to abandon plans to present at CES, and also replaced the embargo on Project Cambria reveal so this will have to wait till February at the earliest. Though expected with more PSVR2 reveals they move this up.

Behind the scenes in the executive hotel suites - talk of a new series of MR headsets with VR capabilities. A new headset from at least three manufacturers for Q3 - and more on the Apple headset. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 15

Interesting. Some thoughts:

  • The term "Serious VR" isn't really a phrase anyone is using. For example, the front-runner of Enterprise VR is Accenture, and they do not call any of their projects "Serious VR." Ironically, it is simply not a "serious term."
  • HTC is still playing "catch up" to their near bankruptcy situation that was only saved as a result of the Google Buyout. Both Microsoft and Meta are actually performing better in the Commercial/Enterprise VR space than HTC.
  • Sony continues to focus more on the Hardware than the Software for PSVR. A mistake that was made with PSVR CV1. If they want to compete with the current VR market, then they need to start advertising a VR Software ecosystem that will make PSVR 2 a worthy investment.
  • It makes sense that MS and Qualcomm are partnering, since we should see all major VR competitors moving towards an "All in One" solution similar to Quest 2; considering how powerful Quest 2 is dominating both the Consumer and Enterprise markets.